I am enjoying putting these crochet collages together every week, combining items on Etsy into themes. Do you like the collages? This week’s theme is Lover’s Knots (also called Solomon’s Knots). This is a stitch that I love and have been using a little bit lately but it’s one of the less common stitches that I see so I thought I’d peruse Etsy to find people that are using it!

These crochet items on Etsy are sold by the following stores:

  1. Lover’s Knot Preganancy Belly Wrap Photo Prop. Item by monkeymoomoo33. Photo by TMK Photography.
  2. Purple Bamboo Lovers Knot Necklace by Yarnicle.
  3. Pink Lovers Knot Shawl / Hood. This pattern is sold on Etsy by EternalSunshine.
  4. Teal Lover’s Knot Scarf created and sold by HooksAndBobbins.
  5. Vintage Lovers Knot Shawl. Pattern sold on Etsy by kayandelle.
  6. Orange Crocheted Solomon’s Knot Scarf by Pipilota.
  7. Creeping Daisy Shawl. Crochet pattern sold on Etsy by sparkxcrafts.
  8. Green Solomon’s Knot Baby Dress by YearningYarnDesigns.
  9. Grass Green Solomon’s Knot Triangle Shawl by trendyknitting.
  10. Candy Pink Mohair Shawl by sweetknitting.
  11. Blue Crochet Triangle Solomon’s Knot Shawl by ufer.
  12. Crochet Lovers Knot Neckwarmer by NeoGrandma.
  13. Lover’s Knot Shrug by crosetica.
What have you made using a Lover’s Knot stitch?

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  1. Cornela Austin Reply

    Gorgeous! Love the large mesh over the pregnant belly! Beautiful!

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Cornela – I thought that was a really beautiful piece too!

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