When I’m not crocheting, I might be eating Ethiopian food …

I have been crocheting like mad this week. Guess I got my healthiness back. :)

Pam’s Crochet Cables and Thanks for Twitter

I’ve mentioned more than once that I fell in love with Pam’s Crochet Cables Afghan when I first heard the story about it and saw the great creative cable designs. Last week I ordered the yarn that I’m going to use for the project and it arrived this week:

Yum! I’m using Patons Silk Bamboo in sapphire and grey for the main colors and rich purple for the border. As soon as I got the yarn, I wanted to dig in. Unfortunately, there was a glitch. I printed out my pattern but the top and bottom lines were cut off. I tried forcing the size to reduce and it worked for part of it but there was still a line cut off. On the screen image this line was covered up by a KnitPicks copyright notice. I emailed KnitPicks right away but then jumped over to Twitter where I got some awesome help from @CrochetKim and @Nextstitch. Thanks ladies! I found out that this problem was caught in the first week of orders and is now fixed but I have an old PDF because I had been quick to order the pattern right away (but slow to work it until now). So basically they already know about the problem over there and it’s fixed and they just need to send me the new PDF. I have no doubt that it’ll come through soon and really appreciate my awesome Tweeps for letting me know what the problem was.

More Free Yarn from Listia

Here’s what I’ve won on Listia recently:

Bernat Baby Jacquards in Macaroon

Yarn Bee Wild Child Eyelash Yarn in Sweet Blaze and Patons Allure Fun Fur Yarn in Ebony

Some Boucles; I actually have some that match from a previous Listia win

Bernat Handicrafter in Pink

Tips for getting free yarn on Listia.

Some of these yarns will be used for making crochet bags for my Year of Projects. The cotton might be used to draft some designs I’m working on that will eventually be made in a fancier cotton yarn, maybe something from Yarns of Italy.

Designing Crochet

A lot of the stuff I’m working on is stuff I can’t show off yet. Heck, a lot of it is just partial swatches and not even ready to show to anyone! But it’s all for a project that I’ll be telling you more about soon! (Tease …)

Magic Ball Granny Square

One thing I made this week that I can show you is my magic ball granny square. I don’t usually do a lot of color changes in my work but I thought a great way to do so would be to make my own magic ball from scraps of yarn. I tied the scraps together in what was loosely the rainbow order of colors and ended up with my own magic ball. Then I started making a granny square with it and this is what turned up so far. I think I’m going to add a solid back to it and make it a pillow, although I’m not one hundred percent set that that’s what it’ll be yet. We’ll see. Now I need to start saving scraps again for another magic ball because I liked this project!

Seeking More Crochet Health Stories

I am still looking for more people to interview about how crochet has helped them with their health. Any health issues at all are of interest, including using crochet to keep your hands busy so you don’t snack while on a diet! If you want your story included in the book that I’m writing, shoot me an email at kathryn.vercillo (on gmail). And anyone who spreads the word that I’m looking for these stories is greatly appreciated!!


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