Knowledge Unlock Soaring Heights (KUSH) is a youth-led business that crafts crochet sandals in Jamaica. The organization recently received a $120,000 grant along with priceless assistance in entrepreneurial skills to help them grow.

Obra Youth Initiative

The grant was funded through the Obra Youth Initiative, a two-year program in the Caribbean and Latin America. “It is aimed at improving the education and employment prospects of underserved youth in the region. It is also geared at ensuring that young people at risk have improved access to the services and programmes necessary to prepare them for work and life.” (source)

Knowledge Unlock Soaring Heights (KUSH) Crochet Sandals

KUSH is a business where youth make crocheted sandals for sale. Damion Laylor, the young president of this company, said that the entrepreneurial skills taught to him through the Obra Initiative have been invaluable. Before the skills were gained, this company could have been seen as a group of street hustlers. Now they are real entrepreneurs with a plan for developing their crochet business. I hope this includes getting a website together so I can see these crochet sandals!


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