Click for Babies is a campaign to raise awareness about the fact that many infants are injured by being shaken. It educates people about how to deal with normal infant crying in a safe and appropriate way. You can help by donating a crocheted purple hat to the cause. These hats will be delivered to every baby born in participating hospitals throughout November 2012.

Purple Crying

When infants are very young they go through a period known as purple crying, a period during which their crying ramps up in frequency and intensity. This can be hugely frustrating for parents and is the time during which parents are most likely to shake a baby out of frustrating. That’s why purple has been chosen as the cap color for this project.

Crochet or Knit a Purple Hat

The name Click for Babies comes from the idea of hearing your knitting needles click but this program definitely does also accept crochet hats. You can use any pattern that you like but the hat should be designed for an infant. It should be made with baby-friendly yarn. The majority of the hat must be in purple although you can incorporate other shades to decorate your crochet hat. Click for Babies asks that you send between 5 and 50 crochet hats.

Donating Your Crochet Hat

Once you’ve made your contribution, you can donate your cap to the organizer in your state. The participating states are Washington, Oregon, Utah, Iowa, Kansas, North Carolina and Maine. There are also numerous participating provinces in Canada. If your state isn’t represented you can send your crocheted caps to the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome in Utah.

Click for Babies is one of many organizations that can use your charitable crochet donation. Here are 25 more charities to crochet for.


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