Crochet designer Shannon Beach has created the Puppoose, a crocheted carrier for little dogs. It is the first product of her company Feel the Flo.

Crochet Designer Shannon Beach

Shannon Beach is a crochet designer. She is the CEO of her own company called Feel the Flo. And she is also a professional backup dancer who has performed on the stages of celebrities including Britney Spears, Taylor Swift and Cher. Dancing and traveling with these superstars means life is super hectic so Beach really values her downtime and that’s why she started to crochet.

Feel the Flo Crochet

Beach really appreciates the meditative aspects of crochet. From her website:

“The meditative process allows her to slip into a world of relaxation and deep concentration, being able to focus on everything and nothing at the same time. She describes this space as being “in the flow”. A state of concentrated attention in which ordinary worries are forgotten and intrusions fail to register. She explains this feeling as being absolutely blissful and decided to make it her own by naming the company Feel the Flo.”

The Puppoose

The first product that has been created for Feel the Flo is the Puppoose. This is a crocheted carrier that you wrap around your body like a shoulder bag. However it is specifically designed to fit the small dog. What a great creation for a Los Angeles based, celebrity-loving woman to create! I mostly feel like dogs should walk, not be carrier, but I have to confess that I do find The Puppoose to be super cute.


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  2. CherylWilliams Reply

    Where can I buy either the Puppoose or the pattern to make it please?

  3. CrochetBlogger Reply

    CherylWilliams Unfortunately it looks the puppoose she was selling back in 2011 didn’t make it as a business and is no longer available for sale. The closest pattern I’ve found is this: It’s not for a real pet but could probably be adapted for one with some creative thinking.

    • I was wondering if anybody has any ideas on what kind of yarn would be best for a puppy sling. I am a fairly new at this. Thanks

      • I would use a tough durable yarn, like Red Heart Super Saver for this project.

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