Throughout the world there are small organizations that work with artisans to provide them a fair wage for their crochet and knit work. AHA Bolivia is one of those organizations.

About AHA Bolivia

AHA Bolivia is an organization that launched 15 years ago. It started as a fundraising project by a couple in Bolivia who needed money to help pay for two puma cubs that they had rescued. The fundraiser, held in the United States to support the cause in Bolivia, was successful and this launched a bigger project. Now the company works with 200+ artisans in Bolivia who make hand crocheted and hand knitted items that are sold in the United States. This organization is a fair trade organization, providing an income to artisans in a country that is economically marginalized in a fair-treatment work environment.

Why Support Organizations Like AHA Bolivia

When you can buy crochet and knit items from anywhere, why buy them from an international organization like AHA Bolivia?

  • Celebrate handmade. Organizations like AHA Bolivia celebrate handmade items. They not only celebrate the craft of making something by hand (although they do) but also the history of doing so in a traditional way specific to the region where the craft is done (in this case, Bolivia).
  • Help people who really need it. AHA Bolivia works with more than two hundred artisans, primarily women. More than two thirds of them are landless poor and more than half are female heads of the household. This work provides them with a way to provide economic support to their families in a place where other options may be limited.
  • High quality materials. AHA Bolivia, like many such organizations, supports the use of high-quality, local and recycled materials. Some of the terrific fibers that come out of this area of the world are high-quality alpaca and organic cotton.

Crochet Items Sold by AHA Bolivia

Some of the crochet items sold by AHA Bolivia include handbags, kippots (headwear) and toys.

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