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Yep, I’ve got yet another story about an older crocheter who spends an obscene amount of time on crochet work. Good for her! :)

Crocheter Mary Dippolito

Kevin N. Hume, staff reporter for the Lake County Record-Bee, recently reported on the store of a local woman there named Mary Dippolito. She is a seventy-two year old woman who spends most of her time crocheting. Sometimes she even crochets as much as 16-18 hours per day! She learned to crochet when she was twenty and says that she’s been a hooker ever since.

Crochet Flags

What Mary Dippoliti is most known for is the American flags that she crochets. She came up with her own crochet design for the flag one decade ago and now makes them to sell. She uses the money that she gets from her sales to help support herself and feed her cat since Social Security barely covers her rent. Frankly, I don’t think that the woman charges nearly enough for her work since each crochet flag is sold for only $40. Although her materials only cost about $15, she’s putting about 50 hours of work into each flag. Every crafter should get a fair wage for their work when possible and that’s not near a fair wage in my opinion. But it sounds like her sales are good and I’m sure that helps her pay the bills doing something that she enjoys, so that’s certainly a great thing.

Dippolito’s Other Crochet

Although crocheted American flags are what Dippolito has gotten attention for, she does still do other crochet as well. She crochets hats, particularly in the wintertime, of course. And she also crochets dolls.

Dippolito’s Crochet Future

Dippolito has every intention of continuing to crochet for as long as possible. She feels like it keeps her hands limber and pain-free. And she also likes that it keeps her busy. She currently has a daughter who is dying from AIDS, so she surely needs to do something to occupy her mind. I know that crochet has helped me when my mind wants to spin out of control, so I can see how that would help her. Dippolito would like to sell more of her work, especially if she can get some help. She would love to see her work sell online if she could work with someone who knows the Internet!


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  1. Debra Yorston Reply

    Good for her – and I agree with you – she needs to charge more than $40 for her flags. :)

  2. Trisha Cote Reply

    I love what you are doing! I I would love to buy one my 18 year old son left yesterday for boot camp  to head to fort benning  GA. I will keep you and your daughter in my prayers. May GOD bless your business

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