One of the most relaxing things that I do on a regular basis is crochet. And another relaxing thing I love is yoga. Know what I mean? If you’re a yoga-loving individual or know someone who is then you will want to get or make the following crochet items:

1. Crochet Yoga Mat Bag.

The one thing that you always need to have with you when you’re ready to do yoga is your yoga mat. For many of us, that means carrying the mat with us to and from a yoga studio. Keep it clean and easy to carry with a yoga bag. I love this simple one; get the free crochet pattern for it.

2. Crochet Yoga Shrug.

I don’t know about you but I often get chilly when I’m doing the more relaxing or restorative poses in yoga. It’s great to have a shrug that you can just pull on when that happens. This one is the Pediwick Yoga Shrug. It comes with matching no-heel-no-toe crochet socks that are great for yoga! It’s designed with a shell stitch that looks like waves to keep you feeling peaceful!

3. Crochet Water Bottle Holder.

Once you are done with your yoga session it is important to rehydrate. A crocheted water bottle holder makes it easy to carry your water bottle with you. Get a reusable water bottle to be kind to the earth! There’s a free crochet pattern for the one pictured here on CrochetSpot.

4. Crochet Sleep Mask.

At the end of your yoga session you always do Savasana or corpse pose. This is designed to allow you to embrace utter relaxation. I find that putting on an eye mask is a great way to enhance this regular part of yoga class. Isn’t this owl sleep mask adorable?! The free crochet pattern is on Roman Sock.

5. Crochet Headband

One of the things that I always forget and never should is a headband or hair tie. The last thing you want interrupting your peaceful (or active!) yoga workout is your hair falling all over your face. I like this crochet headband, which is sold on Amazon, but of course there are lots of other options for sale on Etsy as well as many crochet patterns for headbands.

What items do you feel like you have to have for your yoga class?


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. Madeleine Thuresson Reply

    Love the mat holder! I’m not into yoga though – maybe I’ll make a holder for something else ;)

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Madeleine – I think everything needs a crochet holder!

  2. Love the owl sleeping mask. Not that I ever use them but it is really cute!

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Jo-anne – I never used to use them either until they started being offered in my yoga class and I realized how truly peaceful they can be

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  5. I was looking into purchasing a yoga mat and came across the organic cotton mats. I was wondering if I could create my own with crochet. What do you think?

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