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I continue to work on fleshing out my 25 lists to inspire crocheters. One source of crochet inspiration for me is the latest news about crochet. Although I read niche crochet blogs all of the time, I also like to see what the mainstream public is seeing about crochet and crochet-related topics. To find this news, I mostly rely on Google News (using a search for crochet) and lately the sparks option on my G+ account.

Here are some news sources that often have posts about crochet as well as some blogs that are great about posting crochet news in addition to their own personal crochet stuff:

  1. Daily Mail. This is one of the best sources of photos of celebrities wearing crochet.
  2. Shiny Style. Another good source for celebrity crochet spotting.
  3. LA Times. Yet another good place for news about celebrities wearing crochet. Celebrity fashion is a main aspect of crochet that the general public learns about in the news.
  4. OK! Magazine. Yes another source for celebrity crochet news.
  5. StyleBistro. And another celebrity crochet news source. They also have crochet stuff in their fashion section.
  6. StarPulse. Yep another.
  7. Opening Ceremony Blog. This is a retail store blog that often has posts about crochet fashion design. They recently had an interview with fashion designer Christopher Kane whose crochet work I adore.
  8. Wall Street Journal Blogs. A surprising but fairly consistent source of crochet information, especially yarnbombing and crochet art.
  9. The Guardian. They seem to especially like to post about the crochet coral reef projects that are happening but there’s a variety of crochet news here, usually in the Life&Style section.
  10. The Telegraph. Crochet news in this online paper tends to be celebrities wearing crochet or sometimes crochet art news.
  11. New York Times. The Fashion & Style section is a good source for crochet fashion news and this is where I check for information about crochet at New York Fashion Week.
  12. Bowery Boogie. This New York site is a great source of news about crochet artist Olek and some other yarnbombing stuff.
  13. Patch. This is a set of local news blogs around the country. The various locations frequently seem to have crochet information, often stuff that’s not posted on the other news sources. Unfortunately, you can’t search all of the local sites at once – you have to search them one location at a time – but this is a source that comes up in my Google News search results a lot.
  14. The Detroit News. I have no idea whether they really do tend to write about crochet more than other papers or what but it seems like my Google News searches for crochet turn up this source frequently.
  15. Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. In addition to other posts they have a This Week in Craft news section that sometimes has good news about their local crochet events.
  16. ARTINFO. Decent source for crochet art news.
  17. Grazia. Good source for info on popular crochet fashion, such as the Missoni for Target line.
  18. CraftGossip. This blog frequently has current news about crochet.
  19. Fave Crafts Blog. Another blog with frequent crochet news.
  20. CRAFT. Great source for news about people’s DIY crochet projects around the web.
  21. CrochetSpot. This tutorial rich crochet blog regularly features some type of crochet news as well, often posted by Veronica.
  22. Newsodrome’s Crochet News section. Some good, some not so good, but regularly updated.
  23. Topix Crochet News section. Another way to search for crochet news around the web.
  24. Facebook. I follow / fan a variety of different crocheters on Facebook and this is where they tend to post their latest news.
  25. Twitter. Ditto.

One of my goals for this blog is to be a regular source of up-to-date crochet news. Where else can you recommend that I look for crochet news?


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