Quick share today of the two bags that I made this week for my Year of Projects goal of making 25 different crochet bags.

I used Caron’s Simply Soft Crochet Gift Bags free pattern. This pattern has three different bags – a small, medium and large that can go together as a set but are done in slightly different stitch patterns. I did the small one with no modifications except that my drawstring is a crocheted hdc chain instead of a ribbon. I started the large one but ended up doing a modification that turned into the green and white one. It uses the same stitch pattern and ruffle but is a smaller size and I haven’t yet added a drawstring of any kind. I actually may not for that one. I used some random yarn that I had gotten for free in a Listia yarn lot although I can totally see Caron’s Simply Soft being great for these.

I enjoyed these two bag patterns. I especially like the stitch on the small bag. The stitch patterns are very repetitive, very meditative, which can definitely be great for a project sometimes and was certainly what I needed this week!


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  1. I love your bags, they are lovely, well done on two more finishes.

  2. The stitches and colours are lovely, I totally get repetitive, means you can kind o lose yourself in it all on occasion, much needed in my house at times!

  3. Lovely bags. I particularly love the bigger one with the white ruffle.

  4. MindingMyOwnStiches Reply

    I like the pattern on the small one as well. It looks almost like shells.

  5. Especially like the small one. The crocheted drawstrings was a nice modification!

  6. Wow – Thanks to everyone who left such great comments on this post! How fun to have people like my stitch work. :) And I’m glad others are liking the color choices, too. That’s a good sign for when they become gift bags! @MindingMyOwnStitches – they are a version of a shell although a way that I’d never worked them before.

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Rottnluck … I’m definitely going to have to play with that stitch pattern some more!

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Misty – I love it, too. I wish I knew what it was!! It came in a yarn lot and didn’t have any tags on it. It’s got a great softness to it, though.

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