I am coming to realize that I am a fan of the Lang brand of yarns. I previously reviewed Lanalux, which I had picked up on a whim at a local yarn store. And now I’m working with Carpe Diem, which I ordered randomly online from an Etsy seller (mixedmedium) when I spotted a good price.

The Basics of Lang Carpe Diem Yarn

This yarn is a bulky Aran weight 10-ply yarn. It’s a terrific blend of 70% merino and 30% alpaca. The ball contains 98 yards of yarn. A couple of sites said that this yarn is no longer being distributed but I found several foreign sites online that do sell it and found it on both Etsy and Amazon from independent sellers.

The Lang Carpe Diem Colors

The color that I got from mixedmedium was a terrific purple color called Aubergine. It’s a really deep, rich, bold solid color with no variation throughout the ball. I love it. A glance around the Internet shows that this yarn comes in more than two dozen different colors, all solid like this. Here’s a snippet of the colorway as shown on the Wollywood site:

The Way Lang Carpe Diem Yarn Feels

As you would probably expect, this is a great plush, soft yarn. The merino / alpaca blend is terrific, providing a really soft feel when you run your hands along the yarn or work with it in any way. The thickness of the yarn makes it very dense so it’s plushy and works into a great rich fabric. I’d love a blanket out of this stuff in the winter!

How I Am Using This Yarn

I hate to be a teaser but this is one project I can’t share too much about yet. I’m beginning to submit crochet designs to various places and when you do that you have to keep things quiet for a bit until you find out whether or not the designs have been accepted. I can say that I made a cowl-type accessory that worked up quickly and feels really warm and terrific wrapped around the neck. I love the color – wore it the other day with a plain black top and blue jeans and felt like it really popped! I may be able to say more / share pictures soon because I think the final design I’m submitting will actually be slightly different and in a totally different yarn (not a better yarn, per se, just one that’s better suited to the specifications of the project). So more to come on that …

CONCLUSION: I enjoyed working with this yarn. Since it’s bulky it works up quickly and feels plush to the touch! Plus the deepness of the color is terrific.


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