This week’s yarn review is actually of a crochet thread: a unique type of waxed polyester thread that is made by a company called Hilo Haven. For full disclosure, I want to say that I received the above package of thread and beads for free in exchange for a review but I don’t feel that this has biased by review in any way.

The Basics of Hilo Haven

Hilo Haven thread is a waxed polyester thread, which is something that I had never worked with before. It’s very interesting! It is approximately one millimeter in thickness (made from 2 strands twisted together). Each roll contains approximately 125 yards. Hilo Haven sells the rolls for $10 each with discounts for bulk orders.

The Colors

The color that I received to play with is a bright orange color. I’m not sure that it’s the color I would’ve chosen myself but it’s vibrant color was kind of a joy to work with. I also received a sample pack, which comes with at least eight one-foot long pieces of different colors. My sample pack came with more than a dozen different strands. The company sells many different colors on a rotating basis and has over one hundred and fifty colors available for custom orders. I loved the deep vibrancy of each color.

The Way Hilo Haven Feels

Having never worked with a waxed thread before, I was unfamiliar with the way that it feels. Basically, it’s kind of stiff and sticky. It isn’t difficult to work with. In fact, I found it a lot more enjoyable to work with than regular crochet thread. I’m not typically a thread crochet person (I love great yarn!) and always have trouble maintaining the right tension, which wasn’t a problem with this semi-sticky yarn. I did feel like the stickiness started to get a little annoying towards the end of my project but not unmanageable.

The key thing to note is that this sticky, stiff thread is great for pieces that require some structure. I certainly wouldn’t use it for a wearable item like a scarf (although I think it would work terrifically for some types of jewelry) but would definitely recommend it for baskets, bowls, bags or sculptural art pieces. The finished piece can be pulled into shape and it will stay in that shape fairly well simply because of the texture of the thread. I like it and certainly feel it would be a great tool in your yarn toolbox to use for the right types of projects.

How I Am Using The Thread

I knew that I wanted to make something with a little bit of structure that would work up fairly quickly. I’ve been making a lot of wine bottle gift bags lately and decided to go that route. I used a mixture of basic stitches in the design – double crochet, hdc, treble crochet and V-stitch. I worked with a G hook because I wanted a fairly open design. All of the stitches worked fine in this thread. I usually have problems working treble crochet in thread but the stickiness of this thread prevented it from slipping off while I was working and therefore I didn’t have that problem.

Hilo Haven Beads

I want to note that this store also sells beads and I got some in my sample pack. I have never actually worked with beading so I didn’t play around with them extensively. I did add some to the tie that goes around my wine bottle gift bag to make it a little bit more decorative. They slid onto the waxed thread super easily so I think you could do a lot with jewelry and decorations if you knew how to do crochet beadwork. Hilo Haven sells a range of different beads, seeds and stones for people interested in adding that to their crochet work.

Other Hilo Haven Reviews Around the Web

It looks like the company sent out quite a few samples lately because I’ve been seeing several reviews around the web. It is really neat to see how different people have worked with this thread and what they think of it. Take a look at the reviews on the following 2 blogs:

CONCLUSION: I found out I prefer waxed thread and I would love to use this company’s thread some more to make some sculptural art pieces.

Have you ever worked with waxed thread?


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  1. Abinocoe

    Those colours are Beautiful. I have real trouble finding crochet thread where I am – never mind in brilliant colours like that. I haven’t tried waxed thread either, I didn’t really know it existed I suppose, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled for it for sure. I do love thread that holds its structure well.

    • Kathryn

      @Abi – I’ve never really looked for thread locally – have always gotten it online or just when I happened to come across it at various estate sales.

  2. Victoria Hillon

    I love what you made with this thread. It is a unique thread isn’t it in the way it holds its shape.

    • Kathryn

      Thanks @Victoria – I definitely think this thread is really unique.

  3. I happened to see Yarn Round Hook’s interview with this thread the other day.

    I love the colors. I haven’t worked with this particular thread myself. I did however purchase some nylon thread at Hobby Lobby when I was off on vacation at the beginning of July but haven’t picked it up to try crocheting with it.

    Colors tend to snag me in big time and the colors of the nylon thread was really the deciding factor second to wanting to try crocheting with something different. The one thing that comes to mind for using the nylon is a hammock. Hilo Haven may be good for that use as well.

  4. Couldn’t resist, I just went and bought 3 colors. I’m thinking of making some bowls for Christmas presents. Can’t wait to see how this works out!

    • Kathryn

      @Kat – So glad you’ decided to get yourself some. I hope that you enjoy it! I definitely think that they have great colors that would be terrific for some beautiful bowls! And I love your hammock idea!

  5. Elisabethandree

    I love what you made with this thread. The orange is nice and I think all those colours are beautiful. I had never read about this type of yarn, so thank you for your review.

    • Kathryn

      @Elisabethandree – Thanks so much! I think it’s a lot of fun to play with – hope you get the chance.

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