Earlier this year, I wrote up a post with ten ideas for eco-friendly crochet. Now that I’ve been reading the book AwareKnits: Knit & Crochet Projects for the Eco-Conscious Stitcher, I have even more ideas about earth-friendly, sustainable, globally-responsible crochet. Here they are:

  1. Choose yarn types that are easily grown in a manner that doesn’t damage the earth. My favorite type of yarn that falls in to this category is bamboo. Hemp is another great choice.
  2. Choose yarn types that decompose easily if they do end up in a landfill. Silk is a great example of this type of yarn.
  3. Select natural wool yarns from farms that are dedicated to humane treatment of their animals. Farms that also use organic processing for their yarn are great, too.
  4. Buy yarn and crochet products that support independent artisans. There are many great opportunities to get your products from independent sellers as well as companies that provide fair wages to entrepreneurs in low-income countries.
  5. Reclaim the yarn from thrift store or giveaway items. Don’t let it go to waste! Frog it and re-use it.
  6. Crochet pillow covers to give new life to old pillows. Never just throw those old pillows away!
  7. Crochet eco-friendly wraps for gifts instead of using wrapping paper. I’m doing that this holiday season with my 25 bags project.
  8. Save and use yarn scraps instead of throwing them away. For example, check out the Instructables lesson on turning them into a beautiful felt ball necklace.
  9. Use your swatches! Here are ten ideas.
  10. Choose natural chemical-free dye methods if you do your own yarn. Or find yarn sources that do.
  11. Consider buying all of your crochet supplies locally as well as selling your goods locally. Less shipping around the world means less transportation waste for the earth.
  12. Invest your money into higher-quality, more durable, earth-friendly materials and get fewer of them. Instead of getting twenty skeins of a cheap acrylic yarn, get five skeins of a high-quality natural wool from a local organic farm. Instead of buying ten different cheap tote bags for lugging your stuff around, make yourself a high-quality bag and use it regularly.
  13. Turn your computer / TV/ radio off when you are crocheting. Many of us love background noise when we work and I’m no exception. However, turning those things off for all of the hours that you crochet will help reduce your energy waste around the home – saving you money on your utility bills while greening your home.
  14. Wash your crochet garments in cold water. And of course, don’t put them in the dryer. Again, this saves on energy waste at home. It’s also better for your garments. And make sure to use eco-friendly cleaning products when doing your laundry!
  15. Properly store your yarn and crochet items to protect them from harm. For example, if you have a problem with moths in your region then make sure to be proactive in preventing issues in your home. The goal here is to prevent waste. Moth-eaten items are not going to be worn and are therefore a waste.

What’s your favorite green crochet tip?


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