Pieter Louis Erasmus is a jewelry designer who works with crochet artisans in New Delhi who work with a special kind of thread called zari. From what Wikipedia tells me, zari is a type of thread that is made by wrapping a pure metal thread (like gold) around a fiber (like silk or polyester). It is prominent in Indian clothing where it is used as embroidery or weaving to make interesting designs on the fabric. However, Erasmus uses it crocheted over jewels and shapes to create really unique jewelry for St. Erasmus. He’s gotten a lot of attention for this jewelry in the past few years after one of his pieces was worn by Michelle Obama.

I first learned about this jewelry from an online interview. My favorite thing in this interview is that Erasmus explains that these elaborate costume jewelry pieces should be worn with a T-shirt and jeans because it allows it to be an over-the-top centerpiece that doesn’t really take itself too seriously. How fun. He also says he’d love to design for Lady Gaga.

Here are some of the crocheted zari pieces I like from his current collection:

Cocktail ring embraced by crochet zari thread

Opal Pearl Drop Earrings covered in crochet zari thread

Acrylic flower necklace ensconced in Zari crochet



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  1. With blue jeans? Really. Hmm Okay then. I like the dangly ones.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Sandie – I totally think it’d be awesome to wear them with blue jeans.

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