Awhile back I decided to crochet a bag with lots of different color changes. I really don’t like changing colors in my work but I do like colorful work so it was something that I wanted to practice and get more comfortable with. And I wanted to play around with some scraps that I had. And I needed a new tote bag for the grocery store. So that’s what I made: a scrappy no-pattern colorful tote bag.

Here’s how it looks from the other side:

Working this crochet bag

I played around with a few different things in the course of working this bag:

  • Holding two and even three strands of yarn together to work a row of multiple colors.The black and white and red and white row in the above picture are done like that. Similarly, in the top photo, the row of red, green and orange is those three strand colors held and worked together. I have since done this many times but this bag was the first time I’d really done it so I learned about how this changes the weight and shape of the work.
  • Random selection of stitches (just basic stitches, though, like sc and dc) and random selection of the number of rows of each stitch and color. There were no plans.
  • Combining variegated yarn rows with solid color yarn rows. Actually my favorite part of the whole bag is the row of autumn-colored variegated yarn (go figure) and I would love to have a bag that just combined that and black.

Putting the crochet parts together

This bag was worked super simply. I made one rectangle first. Then I made another rectangle sized to match. Then I put them together and stitched up three of the sides with single crochet to make a bag. I made wide, thick handles using two yarn colors crocheted together (orange and yellow for one handle and orange and green for the other) and then stitched those to the right spot on the bag. I ultimately ended up not liking the fact that the handles were really long because then the bag hung too heavy and was getting bigger and bigger over time. I doubled over each of the handles and stitched them so now they are more like purse handles. Ultimately, this made the bag not as comfortable for the grocery shopping, though, so it’s since been relegated to holding some of my yarn stash. Which is fine. I’m happy with this product more because of what it taught me through the process than what it turned out as in the end

Your crochet

What you have you made with yarn scraps?


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  1. I like this post… sometimes its not about the product but all about the process.

    I like making scrap-ghans with my scraps and they are CRAZY thick because I use 4-5 strands at a time.

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Cris – I’ve never worked with more than 3 strands together but I’d be curious to try it for sure.

  2. Debra Yorston Reply

    Great looking bag – you’ll get lots of compliments at the store I’m sure. I love crocheting scrappy round ripples. I seem to crochet them faster than usual because I always want to see what the next color will look like. :)

  3. I do something very similar only I crochet it in the round. My friends are all asking for the pattern, but I never write it down.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Jasib85 – I’ve been doing a lot more crocheting in the round recently as well actually.

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