What’s going on in your world right now in terms of crochet and yarn and creativity? Here’s what’s happened in my corner since last Monday’s update.

Yet More Yarn

Yes, I know, my yarn stash is getting ridiculous. I can’t help it. I’ve won some yarn here and there off of Listia (an eBay style auction site where you bid with credits and can effectively get yarn for free). And some more of the yarn that I’d ordered before from Etsy sellers arrived as well.

Yarn that I got from mixedmedium on Etsy. Great prices!
Order from Glen Echo Designs. Will be reviewing this store later this week!

Not sure yet how I'll use this cord that I got from Listia but feel like something fun can be done with it.

Crocheting with my Sister

My little sister is here for a visit for about ten days so we’re having a good time together. She knows how to crochet but she doesn’t do it very often so every time that we get together I have to remind her how to do it. She saw my large granny square blanket that is in the works and wanted to do something similar for a friend’s baby so I gave her the Red Heart Confetti yarn that I won previously from Listia and showed her how to get started on a granny square. She’ll be using that yarn for the center but then moving on to a softer yarn for larger rounds in the blanket.

We had intended to go to Crafting in Public last Wednesday. However, we ended up doing a City Guides walking tour (I love my city’s free daily walking tours) about the history of live theater in San Francisco. Combined with walking to and from the tour and through the Farmer’s Market, we totally wore ourselves out. We napped and then put on Gone with the Wind and worked on crochet. I hadn’t worked on my large granny in a little while so I pulled that out and we both worked on our squares.

Crochet Art Project

I also spent some time doing some small crochet pieces with some random yarn. I will be using these in some type of crochet art project that is still being formulated in my mind. I got these great fabric swatch books at Scrap for fifty cents each and I want to do some kind of large art piece with those as the background and then 3D crochet coming off of them but it’s not yet clear in my mind.

Crochet Art Project in the Works

This may or may not be part of my developing crochet art project called Swaddle, which I’ve described so far as:

“This crochet art project explores the way that women nurture the men in their lives, in ways that are both positive and negative, by contrasting the feminine art of frilly crochet against masculine images. It is primarily crochet but includes some mixed media.”

Crochet Blog Stuff

Just a couple of quick reminders about the blog

  • I’ve started my Hooked Together project exploring crochet blogrolls on all of my favorite blogs and am having a great time! Thanks to all of those folks who have been spreading the word – you’re awesome.
  • I would appreciate your +1 clicks in the sidebar to help Google Plus know more about me. You can find me on Google Plus here. I don’t use it extensively but I do sometimes share crochet posts from around the web that I don’t necessarily remember to share here on the blog.
  • I’ve added an “advertise here” button that makes it super easy to advertise in the sidebar of my blog. I have a question for you – what do you think is a fair rate for 30 days of a sidebar ad on a niche specific topic like crochet? In my research I’ve found my rate of $50 per month to be somewhere towards the high end of the middle but I would love your thoughts. Don’t forget to check out Affordable Wonders and Ambassador Crochet, the advertisers that you can see in the sidebar right now!
  • Thanks to everyone who commented about how awesome my dad is for sending me yarn. He loved those kind comments of yours!
I think that’s it for now. Have a great week – enjoy the blog!



San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. Martha Winger Reply

    I feel cooler weather coming and all I want to do is stock up on yarn! I’ve instructed my hubbie not to enable me anymore. I love your freeform crochet art project idea. Look forward to hearing more!

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Martha – Will keep you posted as it develops for sure!

  2. Tracey McNamee Reply

    I love that you crocheted with your sister. I would love to be able to share crochet with someone like that!

  3. Tracey McNamee Reply

    I love that you crocheted with your sister. I would love to be able to share crochet with someone like that!

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Tracey – It is really nice. We have a good time together.

  4. I am so jealous your sister is there visiting. Mine is very far away and missing her dreadfully.

    Love all the yarn you have. Is that a glimpse of your great granny square I see under your freeform? It’s beautiful.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @RugbyMad – I’m lucky that my sister loves to come visit me and comes out a couple of times per year. The rest of my family doesn’t really come visit but I try to go to see them once a year.

      The square in the photo is actually one that I bought at a thrift store recently. It’s stiff and uncomfortable but so beautiful and great as a photo prop!

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