I have started featuring crochet mosiacs on Monday, putting together a set of photos of other people’s great crochet work on Etsy to reflect a theme. Is anyone liking this new approach to showing off Etsy crochet work?

This week’s theme is what I would want if I was suddenly ten years old again. When I was ten, I was trying to be older than ten in a kind of cute, nerdy way. I read more grown-up books. I wore lipstick. I listened to Debbie Gibson and thought it would be totally appropriate to date one of the NKOTB if only I could meet them. I’m sure if I was ten today, instead of back in 1990, some things would be different but I think a lot of stuff would be similar about me.

Here is my mosiac of things I think I’d want if I was ten today.

Find these in the following stores:

  1. iPod cozy by saltcitydesign. I didn’t have one then, of course, but I imagined I’d demand one as a ten year old today.
  2. Purse by QuiteSimply. It reminds me a little of the denim purse I did have when I was ten.
  3. Hair scrunchie by MissLadyBugCrochet. I definitely rocked the scrunchie back then.
  4. Crochet barefoot sandals by dosiak. I was more about low heeled short boots back then but I was also barefoot a lot of the time and could see thinking these were cute.
  5. Fingerless gloves by craftheart. Hot pink and black were my favorite colors at age ten. My mom re-did my room in those colors during the summer while I was visiting my grandma in Ohio. Combined with the Madonna style of the era, I can imagine wanting these.
  6. Dolphin amigurumi by KATZ. I still liked stuffed animals all the way through my teen years and really liked dolphins and “big cats”.
  7. Hot pink leg warmers by captainsRN. Truth be told I wasn’t a legwarmers girl. I was more of an oversized shirt over leggings. But these are so classic to that time and so popular with kids again now that I had to include them in my mosaic.
  8. Denim jacket by pattydavisdesigns. I definitely had a jean jacket when I was ten. Now I have two of them. :)
  9. Blue and white skirt by JADaBathandBody. I also had a whole closet of denim skirts and that’s what this skirt reminds me of.
  10. Halter top by Jeanna1966. I know, this looks too “mature” for a ten year old. But here’s the thing. At that age I had this white floral top that kind of opened up and needed something to be worn underneath it and what I wore underneath was this bright pink tube top. So this top reminds me of that.
  11. Bracelet by iceice. My all-time favorite activity at age ten was making friendship bracelets!
  12. Cosmetic Bag by CraftyAnna. I was playing with make-up at this age but still kind of young and cheesy about it and I think I would’ve loved this use-able makeup bag with crochet cosmetics.
  13. Hot pink and black bobble blanket by aspreeuw. This would’ve been perfect in my room!
What would you want right now if you were ten again?!


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