This week’s Etsy crochet mosaic is based around the theme of angora. I really wanted to explore what people are crocheting and selling on Etsy using this great soft yarn that isn’t always easy to work with (and seems impossible to frog!)

The items in this mosaic come from the following Etsy stores:

  • Pure Angora Neckwarmer by ktjdesign. This one is pure angora rabbit hair, not a blend like most items are.
  • Pistachio Angora and Merino Shawl by Corcra. 25% angora and 75% merino means this is probably a nice soft shawl!
  • Purple Fuzzy Angora Bookworm by blingfordivas. Isn’t this so adorable?!
  • Chenille Wrist Warmers with Angora Flower by msittybitty. The flower is made from homespun angora. Fun!
  • Fiber Art Necklace by MariaKonstantin. The beads are made using what the artist says is a thin angora mohair yarn.
  • Rose Lattice Scarf by RePleatandRePly. This was made using a 2-ply baby alpaca and angora wool yarn. Yummy!
  • White Angora Rectangle Shawl by Iovelycrochet. Doesn’t this look so deliciously soft?!
  • Brown Angora Wrist Warmers by anils. I love the button details on these angora wristwarmers!
  • Crocheted Rose Bobby Pins by EuniceNeedlecraft. These too-cute bobby pins were crocheted with a silk / angora blend.
  • Lovers Knot Shrug by crosetica. I adore the Lover’s Knot (or Solomon’s Knot) and would love to try on this one made of angora thread.
  • Rose Textured Ribbon Hat by Kisses9. I bet this baby’s hat is wonderfully soft on the skin.
  • Pink Mohair and Angora Hat by sandrellita. Here’s an adult hat in angora and mohair, which is certainly also soft. Would you end up with fibers in your hair, though? I wonder.
  • Purple and Cream Scarf by imynda. This is only 20% angora and the rest of the blend is extra fine merino. Yum.

Have you worked with angora yarn? What have you crocheted with it?


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