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When I interviewed crochet artist Leslie Blackmon, she told me that she made her very first sheep from her awesome Baa-Merica! series during a crochet class with crochet sculptor Ming Yi Sung. I didn’t recognize the name and so immediately did some quick Googling and thought instantly that this awesome crochet artist was someone I needed to research further. I keep bookmarks of all of the crochet art that I explore around the web and when I was going through those bookmarks recently, I realized that I actually had bookmarked this artist before, after seeing her mentioned on Flavorwire as one of 10 artists who use yarn in their work. Spotting this bookmark reminded me that I wanted to learn more about the artist and so I got to researching. So glad I did – her crochet art is truly impressive and beautiful and inspiring.

More about Crochet Artist Ming Yi Sung

The bio on this crochet artist’s website lets us know that she is originally from Taiwan but moved to Chicago with her parents in 1990. She graduated from the Maryland Institude College of Art in 1999 with two degrees – an Bachelors of Fine Arts and an Master of Arts in Teaching. She currently lives in Virginia where she not only creates her amazing crochet sculptures but also teaches elementary school art. Don’t you wish you had her as your elementary school art teacher?!

I also know from Leslie Blackmon that Ming teaches other crochet art / sculpture classes as well. Here’s what Blackmon had to say about her experience of taking that inspiring class:

“Ming is just a treasure. She does fabulous work. We were all experienced crocheters in there, so she told us to come up with original ideas and she’d help us execute. She also showed us lots of her work to inspire.”

Sounds great!

Ming Yi Sung has done many different types of art work. She was first a painter and has also done drawing, painting, clay modeling, and many other types of art. She eventually found her way to crochet sculptures where her true voice seems to currently lie.

Ming Yi Sung’s Crochet Art

I absolutely adore the brief Flavorwire description of Sung’s work and have to share it here:

“Sung’s incredible crocheted sculptures are tongue-in-cheek takes on history and myth: the terrifying fruit with teeth tree, for instance, is from a series entitled Androgynous Eden. Her other work includes full-body crocheted suits, transforming subjects into vicious looking rabbits and poky creatures with multi-colored genitalia.”

I think it’s important to know that a lot of Ming’s artwork is centered around sexuality and gender. A portion of her artist’s statement shares some of her thoughts on this, which I found very, very interesting.

“Based on my personal mythology, there once existed a creature, Androgyny, who took the form of both sexes. As time went by, it lost some of its own physical identities and split into two sepa- rated sexes, as we are now. Somehow the soul within us still holds the personality of both sexes. Through the presentation of my installations, I am continuing my investigation of my personal myth and creating a world of my own.”

Not all of Ming’s work is about this topic but it dominates a portion of her work. She has drawn inspiration from many other themes, including her relocation to the DC area and what it was like to go through that transition (which is reflected in her work called Settlement with the Monkeys).

As you can see from the following video, some of her crochet art has been very controversial:

Favorite Examples of Ming Yi Sung’s Crochet Art

Androgynous Eden


Portion of Crochet Island


Goddess, from Myth of the Crochet World


Crochet Body Suits

Ming Yi Sung Around the Web

  • Ming Yi Sung’s website. Great gallery of her work here. The few photos I’ve shared here don’t do it justice so it’s totally worth checking out the whole gallery. And I have to say I love the creative font on the site. Check it out!

Your Thoughts on This Crochet Art?

Tell me your thoughts about the work of crochet sculptor Ming-Yi Sung. Love it? Hate it?


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