Today’s crochet quote is a little bit different than usual. Typically I try to find something truly quotable that showcases or defines crochet or an aspect of crochet. Today, I just want to share a snippet of a news item / press release that I saw earlier this week. I just felt like it was one of those odd items that should be shared and I didn’t know quite where else on the blog to share it.

So here it is:

“Nothing better accentuates the male anatomy than Herringbone, a sleek and sensual line of mini shorts, micro thongs, mustang bikinis and classic jocks. These garments are created with a four-way stretch herringbone crochet that is buttery soft to the touch.”

This comes from an AVN press release for, a site that creates really crazy fetish underwear for men. This includes not only herringbone crochet underwear but also a line of lace underwear. Definitely different. Weird. Fascinating. There is something for everyone in this world, right?

As a side note, does anyone know what herringbone crochet is? From what I can tell through an online search it’s a means of working hdc or dc so that it slants slightly and creates the look of herringbone.


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