Today’s crochet quote comes from a news article by Chris Schilling about a crochet class that women are taking at the Bartholomew County Jail. I like it because it speaks to the real power of crochet.

“The women say they get more out of the lessons than learning a new hobby. The crochet class also encourages them to interact in a positive way with one another, relieves tension, allows for spiritual fellowship and improves their outlook on their future.”

The article explains that the women meet once a week with church volunteers who teach them who to crochet. They crochet hats and blankets which are then donated to the Pregnancy Care Centers of South Central Indiana, giving the female inmates an opportunity to give back to their communities. Many jails, prisons and juvenile centers offer crochet because of all of the great benefits and a lot of them have this component of “giving back” with crochet work.

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  1. Oh wow, thanks for linking to that article, it’s making me really happy to read. I’m so glad that that program exists and that it seems to be having such a positive effect.

    • Kathryn

      @Kathleen – I definitely think these programs can be hugely beneficial!!

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