Today’s crochet book review is of Crochet Edgings & Trims (The Harmony Guides). The book is edited by Kate Haxell and published by Interweave.

Who this crochet book is for

This book is great for crocheters of any skill level. It has a solid intro to the basics and you’re never working on one type of trim for very long so you can use the book as a learning tool if you are a beginner. However there are many different trim options here, so there will be lots of options that a more advanced crocheter may not have seen before. It’s also just a terrific reference book and a great stitch encyclopedia for inspiration. Great to have in your personal crochet book library.

Format of this crochet book

This books begins with an introduction that provides great insight into why it’s terrific to work with crochet edgings and trims. Might give you some fresh inspiration even before you get started! This is followed by a section on tools that tells us some of the basics about crochet hooks and yarn. Then we get “the basics”, which is a standard section on how to do basic stitches, like sc, including easy-to-understand drawings for these stitches. This is followed by a section on “making fabric” where we learn various techniques such as “working around the stem of a stitch”. The next section shows “stitch variations” and basically is a stitch guide to more advanced stitches like clusters and shells.

Now we get into the stitch gallery, which is basically the “patterns” portion of the book. Each stitch includes the following:

  • Name of the stitch.
  • Close-up photo of the stitch.
  • Stitch diagram.
  • The instructions for the multiples. (So that you can grow the stitch pattern as long as you like and have it work out properly)
  • Row by row instructions. Easy to follow.
After the patterns there is a key showing how to read the stitch diagrams. I never use stitch diagrams but I feel like this key would be a great guide to trying to do so if I was so inclined. Seems very easy to understand. This section is followed by a detailed section on crochet abbreviations and jargon and it all wraps up with a detailed index.

Examples from this crochet book

Usually when I do a book review, this is where I share some photos of my favorite patterns. I’ll go ahead and do the same thing here with some of the awesome edgings that really stood out for me as I flipped through this book. There are so many to choose from, though, so it’s definitely necessary to flip through the book on your own to get a good sense of all the different stitches in this crochet book.

Quarter-roundel Edge
Long-stitch pintucks
Oddball Edge


CONCLUSION: A great fresh book of stitches to add to your crochet library!


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  1. I love the Harmony Guides! I’ve been slowly collecting both the knit and crochet ones. Hoping to eventually obtain the entire collection.

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