I recently came across a description of this book and really want to check it out:

Dying to Crochet

I actually found this fiction book online while doing research for my non-fiction book about the health benefits of crochet. It came up in my Google searches because the book starts out with a woman named Vanessa who has experienced a loss in her life and begins to crochet for therapeutic benefits.

The premise of the start of the book really interested me. I’ve read several books on grief and loss that are directly linked to crafts. The two that stand out in my mind are The Knitting Circle: A Noveland Comfort: A Journey Through Grief(non-fiction memoir) both knitting-not-crochet healing stories by Ann Hood.

Anyway, the Amazon description of Dying to Crochet goes on to say that the book isn’t really so much about the therapeutic benefits of crochet. Instead the story continues:

When she accidentally invents a new stitch, her whole life changes; she now eats, sleeps and thinks crochet. The budding designer is quickly swept into the fascinating world of crochet fashion and design. When the unthinkable happens at a fiber convention, it is up to Veronica, her friends, and their knowledge of yarn and stitches to find the killer before the killer finds them.

The book is written in what the description calls “crochet-along-with-the-character” style, something I’ve never seen before but think would be fun. It has ten original designs in it and two pattern stitch designs. So I think it’s probably well worth the cost ($29.95 but available on Amazon used for less than $16).

However, I’m holding off on the purchase. I’ve scaled back considerably on my paid work (for those of you who don’t know, I work as a professional blogger for a variety of sites – personal finance, technology, health, etc.) so that I can focus on my own creative endeavors (this blog, the health book, some freelance writing for magazines). But this means that I’m on a crazy strict budget right now and that’s something I’m really not that used to. So I’m trying the 30-day-rule, which is that when you want to make a purchase you wait 30 days and review the idea to see if you really want to make it.

I did check if the book was available via either my library or Paperback Swaps or Listia but no such luck. I do think that I could get the book, check it out and then re-sell it on Amazon to cut the cost. Or I could use it as a giveaway product here and consider it part of my investment in the blog. But I’m going to stick with that 30-day rule before I make a decision about that. In the meantime, I’ll just want it.

Has anyone read this book? Tell me about it!!


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  1. There are other, cheaper crochet mystery novels. They may not have the therapeutic benefits angle that this book has, but if you want to try a crochet mystery they definitely exist for less money than this one. :)

    Want to note that the patterns all seem to be a the back of the book, so I’m not sure how it’s a crochet-a-long unless those patterns are mentioned as the story goes.

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Calophi – I’ve seen the Hechtman novels at the library and thought about checking them out. To be honest I’m not much of a mystery reader but I do get so lured in by the crochet twist! Good to know about the patterns. Kinda does make me want to see the book to see how that all works. :)

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