I just finished reading an article from last week in which Candice Gregor interviewed Nikki Davidson of Chuckles & Boo. This was the first time that I had heard about this Australian fashion designer who revives vintage crochet for people interested in modern crochet clothing and I just had to share it with others.

Nikki of Chuckles and Boo Crochet

Here are some of the things I learned about Nikki from the awesome interview:

  • Nikki learned to sew at age 10 and was designing and sewing her own clothes by 14.
  • What she does for Chuckles and Boo is scours markets and estates for great vintage crochet fabric, which she then sews into new modern crochet designs and sells on ebay.
  • Nikki says that her creations are “resort come bohemian” but suit a range of styles for people around the globe.
  • Originally Nikki did this vintage crochet repurposing for herself but then her girlfriends encouraged her to start selling her work. Aren’t girlfriends awesome?

More about Chuckles and Boo Crochet

This is a young clothing line that is about to come out with its spring / summer collection. Nikki loves working with vintage cotton crochet and has a huge collection of crochet and lace items around her home. She says (jokes?) that she may try to make a whole house of crochet one day. :) Her favorite items are her bell-sleeve crochet mini-dresses, which can also be worn as tunic tops if you prefer (shown in the photo at the top of the post)

Some Crochet & Boo Items

Note: All photos come from the Boo & Chuckles eBay store. That means that as of the writing of this post you can go buy all of them there! I’m pretty sure that’s Nikki in the photos – gorgeous, right?

Check out the full interview (link in first line of post) to learn more fun stuff about this designer including the source of the store’s name!


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