Last week I was reading and came across the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 project, an idea that originally came from the Craft site. I liked the format and decided I’d share a little bit more about myself through this format here on the blog. Here we go…

One Project I Am Particularly Proud Of

I adored this crochet blog project that I hosted to help crochet bloggers find and support each other’s blogs!

Two Mistakes I’ve Made in the Past

  1. Kept going on a dress long past the point of it needing to be frogged. I didn’t want to frog it because I was attached to it for some reason so I just kept adding more and more rows, trying to fix the problems from one row in the next row. Basically I put a whole lot of work into something that still needed to be frogged because I was being stubborn about letting it go early on. Own your mistakes!!
  2. Washing wool and putting it in the dryer. I hate hand washing but I obviously should have known better!

Three Things that Make Your Work Unique

Repurposed Malabrigo Halter Dress
    1. I primarily design my own patterns. Unless I’m trying to learn something new (shape or technique), I don’t typically like working off of other people’s patterns. So most of what I make is unique in that way. It’s me!
    2. I do a lot of repurposed work. So I’ll take a crochet top off of a thrift store dress and then add my own work to it to make it a one-of-a-kind repurposed dress.
    3. I focus as much on my blogging work as my crochet work. It is hugely important to me to meld my passion for crochet and my passion for writing into one work of art. I write crochet stories, am working on a non-fiction crochet book and put a lot of effort into the writing for this crochet blog.

Four Tools You Love to Use

  1. Yummy yarn. My number one favorite thing about crochet is that it affords me lots of excuses to buy luscious yarns. Lately I’ve been using Listia to get free yarn as well as looking for good deals on handpainted and handdyed yarn on Etsy.
  2. Boye hooks. Especially in the F-H hook size range.
  3. WordPress. That’s what I use for this blog and I’ve always loved it. I love blogging! The related apps and social media tools are also among my list of tools to use. And along with that Google Reader to track everyone else’s blogs that I love!
  4. Ravelry stash. I don’t like forums, much, and I haven’t found a lot of other features on Rav that I really love but I do like organizing my stash online so I can look there instead of in my closet to see what I have.

Five Inspirations

  1. Retro kitschy photos from the 1950’s – 1970’s.
  2. Pinterest.
  3. Memoirs related to crafting, creativity and self-development.
  4. Wacky runway fashion.
  5. All of the awesome crocheters who are out there now and who came before us!!
Got any questions you want to ask me?


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