Portion of a pillow I crocheted for my sister when I first learned to crochet


Since March I’ve been working on fleshing out my 25 inspiring lists for crocheters. The idea is to keep refreshing yourself with new inspiration to keep your crochet work interested and fun. This week up on the list is a list of 25 people to crochet something for. Of course, to be truly inspired by this you really need to make your own list – it’s a very personal thing. But I’m hoping that my list will encourage you to do that. For my list, I decide to challenge myself by excluding all of the people I’ve already crocheted something for.

Here’s what I came up with:

  1. My brother. I’ve crocheted something for every immediate family member except for him.
  2. My artist friend Anna. I’ve been thinking about doing some type of whimsical sculptural crochet piece for her.
  3. The women in my networking group. This counts as just one item because we do raffles at our meetings and I would make one item for the raffle giveaway.
  4. Julie who launched the networking group. Because she’s super awesome and creative and should have nice handmade stuff.
  5. Tana. Because I owe her as well as a couple of other people something handmade through the Pay It Forward project!
  6. Lyndi. She made me a great crochet bag as part of the Pay It Forward project and ever since I’ve wanted to make her something even though the concept of Pay It Forward is obviously that you make something for someone else, not for the person who made something for you.
  7. Kylie. Who I used to babysit and is now 17. I’d just like to make something nice for her.
  8. Betty. Who is actually a dog. I’m not super into pet crochet but she’s my best friend’s dog and I’ve wanted to make her something forever. I did actually try to make her a hooded cape but it didn’t come out the way I wanted and I kind of gave up.
  9. Rafael. Who is the best friend. I have no idea what I would make him but I feel like he needs something from my favorite craft – especially since he’s endured more than one yarn store with me including two whole blocks of them when we went to Buenos Aires together last year.
  10. My grandma in Ohio. She always crochets me little stuff for the holidays so I’d like to return the favor.
  11. My grandma in Arizona. She is in a nursing home and could totally use a handmade lapghan! I should get on this one.
  12. My friend Michael. I have no clue whether or not he would even appreciate a handmade item because we aren’t super close friends but something tells me that it would be right to make something for him.
  13. My friend Spencer. I’d love to make him something totally wacky because I know he would wear it out and about!
  14. My friend Nic. It would be great to make him a wonderful scarf. He knits and has given great scarves to people and it would be nice to give one back to him. He’s a sweet guy and totally deserves it.
  15. Amy. Something totally classy that would work in her home and that she could happily give away next time she moves would be perfect!
  16. Lesley. Even though we haven’t talked a lot in recent years this old friend of mine is a terrific giving woman and I’d like to honor with something. She looks great in vintage clothes so something that would go with that!
  17. Madeleine. Another friend I’ve not yet made something for. A great shawl would be awesome for her I think.
  18. My hair stylist Erika. I’d love to make something cute and little related to hair (an amigurumi blow dryer maybe?) that she could put up in her great stylish salon.
  19. Noah. This was a friend of mine who passed away last year. I didn’t really say my goodbyes to him so I’d like to make something in his memory just to honor that. Maybe something to then donate.
  20. The kids I cared for in foster care. I’m not in touch with them now (red tape) but again I’d like to make something in honor of them and donate it.
  21. The Amish kids in the family my dad is friends with. I just think he would enjoy giving something to them if I made it.
  22. Someone’s baby. I have never made anything for a baby before because I don’t know many of them but at some point it’s something I’d like to do.
  23. My dad’s transplant support group. He is a double transplant survivor (kidney then pancreas) and I usually go to his support group when I visit my hometown. I’ve wanted for awhile to make them little crocheted organs but I haven’t found a pattern that works and haven’t been able to create one I like yet. Eventually!
  24. A burlesque dancer. I love going to burlesque shows here in the city. They are always so much fun. It’d be great to make something sexy for a performer to wear on stage!
  25. A celebrity. I don’t know who. Someone known for her sense of style for sure so that the piece could get shown off properly in the media. Hey, it’s my list for inspiration right? :)

I would like to slowly find the perfect things to crochet for each of these people. Maybe that will be next year’s Year of Projects for me!

Who is someone you have never crocheted something for that you would like to?


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