I am continuing to put together my 25 lists of 25 things to inspire crocheters. This week’s goal is to come up with 25 people I would love to sit down and crochet with. As I sit down to make this list, I am thinking that I want to reach for the stars. I want my list to include people I adore and people that I may meet someday and people I may never meet and people I never could meet because they are long gone from this earth.

The idea is to create a group of 25 people who would make a super inspiring group to crochet with. Then when I’m feeling uninspired I can daydream about what it would be like to sit in a room with this group and hopefully get some fresh crochet inspiration.

Okay, here’s my list:

  1. My mom.
  2. My sister.
  3. Laurie Wheeler from @CrochetLibFront
  4. Crochet Queen Gwen Blakley Kinsler
  5. John Miller, a lumberjack, cowboy and carpenter who won a crochet contest in 1939
  6. Olek
  7. Elizabeth Grant, author of 1812’s Memoirs of a Highland Lady, which is the first known written reference to crochet
  8. Ellen Gormley of GoCrochet
  9. Margaret Hubert
  10. Leslie Blackmon
  11. Beverly Lewis, a blind woman who crochets gifts for her 15 siblings
  12. Oella Norman, 103-year-old woman who still crochets
  13. Fashion designer Christopher Kane
  14. Fashion designer Emilio Pucci
  15. Aldo Lanzini
  16. Tina of Tina Dean Designs
  17. Swimsuit designer Lisa Maree
  18. Debbie Stoller of Stitch n Bitch
  19. Mary Jane Hall of Positively Crochet
  20. Stacey Trock of Fresh Stitches
  21. Abigail Coe of Abinocoe
  22. Karen Ratto-Whooley of KRW Knitwear
  23. Jean Leinhauser (RIP)
  24. Crochet designer Kristin Omdahl
  25. The Amish family my dad is friends with

I would love to see other people make their own lists. Who would you crochet with if you could?


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  1. Great list! There are many on there I would love to crochet with too! I would add my Grandma in Heaven since she is the one who taught me how so very long ago! If only she could see what I’ve done with the skill! :-)

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Jaybird – That’s awesome – thanks for dropping by!

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