Anne Mondro's Detroit Shadow

The third annual Powerhouse Museum Love Lace competition has just been completed and the winner is someone who has done some super creative work with crochet. Anne Mondro is an American sculptor who crocheted steel and copper wire together to create a replica of a 1916 Model N Ford engine. The piece pays tribute to her family members who spent six decades involved in Detroit’s auto industry. And it paid off, because as the winner of this year’s award, Mondro has received $20,000! Her work really reflects the goal of the museum project to bring lace into a new light using interesting techniques and concepts.

Mondro wasn’t the only artist to feature crochet used in a creative way. Of the 130 lace projects submitted by people from 20 different countries, eleven others in addition to Mondro’s were notable for their crochet work. Take a look:

1. Mirjam Norinder. She says that she likes “to combine crochet with assemblage and unite it with mechanical jewellery functions in silver” and this is reflected in her 2011 Snow, Ice and Winter Cold brooches crocheted from silver, nylon and plastic thread.

2. Waltraud Janzen. This artist crochets brass wire into lace boots to pay homage to the fascinating history of shoes.

3. Jo Scholar. This interesting artist scans a crocheted doily, digitally manipulates it and then etches it onto metal, creating a lace object entirely different in form from the original piece it references.

4. Nina Sisko-Risi. This artist combined crocheted copper wire with guitar strings to create her Electric Dream Birds.

5. Priera Russell. I adore the conceptual crochet and knit fashion work of this artist.

6. Katherine Wheeler. This artist’s Lace Cu Fungi Collar is made with”crochet, metalwork and ceramics using linen thread, silver, and dipped in porcelain”. It seems like an intriguing technique, combining the hard and soft materials which is a theme often explored by crochet artists.

7. Cherelyn Brearly. This artist’s lacqueus mask 2 and gloves is made from crocheted rayon and pearls and is intended to explore issues of femininity.

8. Eshter Paleologos. I really like this artist’s piece, Memory, which is “hand-operated domestic machine knitting and crochet using copper enamelled wire, electrical copper wire, stainless steel wool blend, lurex and metallic cotton”.

9. Louise Pinder. Her Pins and Needles piece is armor decorated with crochet lacework. Love it!

10. Vishna Collins. This artist submitted Soul of a Nation. This is a crocheted skirt made with raffia and inspired by Croatian folk dresses.

I just love seeing the different ways that various artists approach crochet in their work!

Which one is your favorite?



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