The Northern Star out of Australia had a sweet story recently about twin sisters who hold raffles to help raise money for the Westpac Life

Saver Rescue Helicopter. They started doing this back in 1982. What caught my attention about it was the fact that the very first thing that they ever raffled off was a crochet rug. It went for $56. Almost thirty years later, these sisters have now managed to raise six figures to donate to the cause and they’re still going at it.

The twin sisters, Emily and Mary Betteridge, are almost eighty years old. They enjoy volunteering to assist the rescue helicopter because it is a small way that they can actually help to save lives. The helicopter responds when people in the community are truly in need and of course it couldn’t keep doing this important work if it weren’t for ongoing donations such as those that the sisters have offered.

I just think it’s awesome that the whole thing kicked off with a crochet rug raffle. I wish I could see that rug! I wonder if the sisters actually handcrafted it?


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