It’s Sunday, which means it is time for my Year of Projects post. If you’ve been following me on this then you know that I listed 25 crochet bags / cozies I want to crochet but I hadn’t made a whole lot of headway on them as of the last post. I continued to be busy with lots of other crochet stuff this week but I did manage to make a little bit of progress on this list. That’s part of why I think this project is great – it motivates me to do crochet work that I want to get done but might not be working through right now if it weren’t for the project.

I had made the decision last week that I wanted to start with the wine gift bags because I am always gifting wine to people here and there and it’s nice to add the personal touch of a re-usable wine gift bag. So I printed out the three patterns from my list (I don’t like crocheting at my desktop computer and I am using watching full screen TV on my laptop while crocheting so that’s why I “waste” the paper and print out the patterns.

The three wine cozy patterns I’ve chosen for Year of Projects are:

  1. DIY Network’s Wine Bottle Cozy. This pattern, designed by Donna Hulka and published on Yarn Tomato, is my favorite of the three in terms of the visuals. However, it includes beadwork in the design and I’ve actually never done crochet beadwork and don’t even have any beads so I decided that I would hold off on this one for now. After all, I was looking for a quick project between projects, not something challenging and new to learn. Besides my sister will be in town in a couple of weeks and she likes the big bead store here so going together can be an activity for this project.
  2. Wine Bottle Gift Bag by Suzie’s Stuff. The instructions on this one look super simple and I almost started with this one but I ended up choosing the third option instead so maybe I’ll work on this one this coming week.
  3. CrochetSpot’s Easy Wine Bottle Cover. This is the one that I ended up working on. I have actually looked at this wine bottle cover a couple of times and used it as the basis for making wine gift bags last Christmas. However I hadn’t actually followed the pattern, just used the information for some sizing ideas. So this time I decided to follow the pattern. Well, sort of. I made two of these and each time I ended up modifying the pattern slightly because I was using scrap balls of yarn and ran out of one or the other.


So, first I made the light blue and white crochet wine bag that you see on the left of the photo above. This one follows the pattern almost exactly. The only difference is that I ran out of the light blue yarn towards the end so I didn’t do as many rows as I was supposed to meaning that the bag is shorter/ smaller than the pattern. However, it actually fits nicely over the base of a wine bottle and ties at the neck so I’m happy with it.

After that, I made the dark blue and white one. Here’s a better photo of that:

I deviated a bit from the pattern on this one. The pattern calls for you to do the bottom of the wine cozy in color A and then to join in color B. However, I thought that I would try working with both strands together for the first round of the design. The reason for this is because I didn’t want to have to join in another color a few rounds into the project. I really kind of loathe color changes even though I think they look great. This pattern is nice because it’s only two colors and they just rotate row upon row for most of the pattern. I did like the decision to work with both strands together at the beginning. An added bonus is that it reinforces the bottom of the wine bottle cozy and makes it a little stronger. This bag is also slightly shorter than the pattern calls for (for the same reason – running out of yarn) but I’m totally happy with the size of it.

Who else here is doing #yearofprojects?


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  1. Sandycrochet Reply

    love the cozy’s….might have to put them on my list, if I do …lol, I’m blaming you for my list growing.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Sandycrochet – I’ll accept the blame for that problem. :)

  2. MindingMyOwnStiches Reply

    Not a bad idea, to reinforce the bottom, after all a full bottle is quite heavy! I like colour changes myself, especially when they’re close enough that the floats are short.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @MindingMyOwnStitches – Yeah the color changes in this pattern are really easy so I ended up not minding them. It’s easier to do color changes in the round anyway. :)

  3. Underground Crafter Reply

    Really nice. You’re inspiring me to make some wine bags too!

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Marie – Check out the pattern links in the post. They really are cute! :)

  4. What a great pattern! This gives me all sorts of ideas for Christmas this year as well as birthdays. Have you tried it for anything other than wine? How about other liquor bottles?

    Very nice indeed.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Marsha – Have fun with it if you do it! It would definitely work with other liquor bottles. The ones I’ve made work with the vodka bottles I have. I would need to adjust wider for the brandy I favor and for bottles like Bailey’s. But I usually buy wine instead of liquor as gifts for some reason.

  5. Everything is look great on your end. I love your color choices too

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Cris – Thanks, I’m going to play with some more colors as I make more of them!

  6. So clever and such an personalised touch to a bottle of wine.

  7. Clare Unitt Reply

    I’m loving the colours of the granny square hiding behind the bags xx

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Clare – It’s featured by itself in a photo tomorrow. :)

  8. What a nice addition to the gift of a bottle of wine. I love your colors–you should be proud!

  9. The cozy’s are lovely to keep a bottle of wine in! I love the blues!

  10. The cozy’s are lovely to keep a bottle of wine in! I love the blues!

  11. Alittlebitsheepish Reply

    The bags look great. It is a good idea, much better than giving wine in paper bags that get binned, or naked bottles :)

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @littlebitsheepish – I just made two more yesterday!

  12. While the wine cozies are cute, my eye is captured by the blanket underneath. Love it!

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Rottnluck – Thanks. I didn’t make that one but bought it at a thrift store and am planning to use it as a photo prop.

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