I recently posted a list of 25 crochet hooks I want to try. I almost always use the Boye aluminum hooks but I want to branch out, partially to see if different hooks do indeed work better on different projects for me and partly because there are so many gorgeous-looking hooks out there. One of the types of hooks that I was interested in was the light-up hooks. I love the idea of having a hook that lights up for use in times when another light isn’t available (such as during a car ride or when camping).

Well, after I wrote that post, Bev Matheson from the blog One Yarn After Another generously offered to send me one to try. She had used it once but hadn’t used it since and so had decided that she was ready to pass it on. I was so touched that she would make the offer and so thrilled when it promptly arrived in my mailbox!

The hook that I got was The Crochet Lite Crochet Hooks-Size F by Widget Products. This 4.0 mm hook has a fat handle that is easy to grip with a ridged area for the thumb rest. It uses 3 small watch batteries, which come with the product at the time of purchase. They are accessed by an easy-to-open section on the side of the hook handle. There is also an on/off switch so that you are not wasting the light when you don’t need to use it.

It was definitely a little weird adjusting to using the lit-up hook. It actually does generate a lot of light from within the plastic hook. It creates a little bit of an optical illusion at first. I couldn’t always tell where the yarn was because the light was so bright around it. That problem went away quickly, though, as I got used to using it. I found that it does indeed offer enough light to crochet for awhile in the dark. That said, I probably wouldn’t want to use it for hours upon hours just because it still requires some squinting and adjusting (akin to using a book light for reading in the dark – it’s fine for awhile but not for endless hours or daily use).

I was surprised to find that the plastic hook didn’t feel any different to me than the aluminum hooks that I normally use. I was working with a basic worsted weight yarn (acrylic blend, I think) and it felt the same. I’ve only worked with one other plastic hook before and it felt totally different on the yarn but it was also a Q sized hook, which could account for the difference.

All in all I really love my light-up hook and will totally use it on some occasions when I am going to be crocheting in the dark.

Did you see the story about the group of gals who were planning to walk 13 miles in the dark using light up hooks to crochet as they walked?



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  1. I have a size G lite up hook that I haven’t used yet, thanks for the great review, now I know what to expect!

    • Kathryn Reply

      @MissHSoo- Would love to know what you end up thinking about it.

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