There is a giveaway this week here at Crochet Concupiscence sponsored by July’s blog sponsor Affordable Wonders. What do you win? Three gorgeous beaded stitch markers that can hold your place for you every time that you crochet.

Blame me (not Affordable Wonders) for the poor photos! I’m tweaking my photo / camera situation here and am relying on my iPod / Mac PhotoBooth for most pictures. Just bear with me a bit longer!

7 Reasons I Love These Stitch Markers (and seriously considered keeping them for myself instead of doing a giveaway!!) :-p

  1. They are large enough to be quite decorative but small enough not to get in your way when you are working.
  2. The colors of the beads are beautiful. There’s a pink and purple one, a terrific red/brown/pearl one and one with a few shades of blue set off by two golden beads.
  3. The keychain style hook on the end of each one (I’m sure that has a name – I don’t know what it is!) does a perfect job of keeping track of the stitch that you want to track.
  4. Nothing on these stitch markers catches on the yarn while you’re working – a problem I’ve had sometimes with the ends and wire bits on stitch markers.
  5. They’re eye-catching. If you’re crafting in public this will spark conversation!
  6. They are a set. I’m doing this giveaway as a set so that you can always choose the right color, size for the project you are working on.
  7. They are delicate and pretty but still kind of grown up. Many stitch markers that I see look like kids’ bracelet charms. These are more like adult jewelry for your crochet WIPs.

How to Enter

If you want these stitch markers then you need to only enter once doing the first (mandatory) entry. However you are welcome to do any of the additional entries for additional opportunities to win. Leave one new comment for each additional entry that you do. The giveaway contest will close on Friday, July 22 at midnight PST. I will use Random Generator to pick the winner and will announce the winner on the blog on Monday, July 25 in my “crochet corner” post.

1st (mandatory) entry:

  • Go to Affordable Wonders on Etsy. Find the name of your favorite product. Come back and leave a comment telling me what the product is and how you would wear/ use it. That’s it – you’re entered!
Optional (additional) entries:
  • Follow me on Twitter. Leave a comment here with your Twitter name. (Just leave a comment with your name if you already follow.)
  • Follow Affordable Wonders on Twitter (same deal).
  • RT this post (one entry only) and leave a comment here letting me know you did so.
  • Follow Affordable Wonders on Facebook. Leave a comment with your Facebook name here.
  • Share this post on Facebook (one entry only) and leave a comment letting me know you did.
  • Add my feed to your feed reader. (If you’ve already done this just leave a comment saying so.)
  • Visit the Affordable Wonders blog. Come back and tell me the name of your favorite post.
Good luck!

San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. Jane Bratton Reply

    I am torn between two of Affordable Wonders great products – the pattern for the Minnie Mouse hat and diaper cover since I make lots of baby gifts for the young teachers at my school and the beaded butterfly hair piece for my 5 year old granddaughter (in pink, of course).


  2. Tanya Thomas Reply

    Hi! I’d love to enter.

    In the etsy store, I quite like the white beaded flower ornament for brides etc.. although I would wear that myself!

  3. Tanya Thomas Reply

    Entry #2 – On the Affordable Wonders blog, I quite enjoyed reading the Homemade Yarn Swift post.

  4. These stitch markers are fantastic! When checking out the Affordable Wonders site, I really like the Butterfly Beaded Hair Ornament, although I would work to make it a pin to wear. OK, so I am showing my age, but that’s what I would do! Thanks for the opportunity to win and thanks to Affordable Wonders for sharing.

  5. Lisa Mills Reply

    I love the hair ornaments! My favorite is the Butterfly Beaded Hair Ornament, the iridescent black one. I would totally wear it out and about with a cute dress on.

    Thank-you for not keeping the stitch markers, I’m really hoping to win them. They are gorgeous!

  6. Debra Yorston Reply

    I like the ‘newborn photo prop hammock’ pattern – I would use it to store yarn in my craft room.

    Thanks to you and Affordable Wonders for offering this giveaway.

    Debi Y. :)

  7. Christine Doyle Reply

    Hi! I just found out about your blog through Shorty’s Sutures; I’m glad I did! My favourite product is actually the Mickey & Minnie Mouse diaper covers and hats; although I would grab up the pattern since I enjoy doing that myself (and just might, yet). My family and friends seem to be going through a large baby boom so this would be a cool gift.

    I’ve also added you to my twitter list, my name is DoyleCG.

  8. I love this,don’t have jet any stitch markers.I love Purple Butterfly Beaded Hair Ornament and Bridal Fascinator Sky Blue Flower Beaded Hair Ornament.thanks for the chance to win this.

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