One of my ongoing To Do list projects is to get my photos organized. I used to be super good about taking photos of basically every detail of my life and promptly scrapbooking them. Then a few years ago I just kind of lost interest in taking as many photos. You would think that with fewer photos I’d be more capable of quickly scrapbooking them but the opposite has been true. I typically make at least a few personalized scrapbooks for people during the holidays and it seems that I leave all of my own photo scrapbooking until then, too. Once-a-year scrapbooking doesn’t work for me. Plus I’d really like the digital versions of my photos to be better organized but I haven’t quite gotten there yet. In any case, I was working this week on organizing my photos and I came across the photo above, which shows off a crochet scarf that I made a few months back.

I sprained my ankle in early March. It was a terrible, terrible sprain and I was stuck in my apartment for several weeks while it healed. An awesome friend came by with a care package that included some yarn. Both the grey and the maroon in this scarf were in that care package. I was going through a huge bobble phase at the time (I still love bobbles but I seem to be having a crossed double crochet obsession right now) and wanted to design a bobble scarf that would appeal to people who aren’t quite the fans of bobble stitch that I am. This simple design, ribbed crochet with centerpiece bobbles that look almost like buttons, was the result. I love it.

One thing that I love about it is that I think it could function as a unisex scarf. Both the color and the texture would work for a guy but I think it looks cute on a girl, too. It helps that there is no fancy finishing on it – no fringe or anything like that. I actually didn’t even do a finishing stitch around the edge. I periodically think about adding one – maybe just a slip stitch to give it a more finished look – but I kind of like the rough edge so it’s staying that way for now.

A couple more photos (although the colors are truer in the top photo):



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  1. Debra Yorston Reply

    Very nice scarf – (you always look so happy in your photos.) :)

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