Worn as a regular capelet (and me being silly)


I’m currently infatuated with making capelets. I don’t even know quite what the compulsion is since I don’t wear them all that often. I typically take a jacket with me every time I leave the house here in San Francisco and it feels too bulky to wear a capelet with a jacket. Still, I love them and I’m starting to wear them more at least around the house and if I’m just going out in the neighborhood (and therefore can trust the weather not to change tooooooo much on me). And I’m just really loving making them.

What I’m playing around with right now is finding a way to make capelets that can be worn in different ways (like scarves are). I’ve found that making them slightly loose and then using a brooch or pin to hold different pieces together is extremely effective in allowing one item to be worn lots of ways.

Check out this one, which I made using KnitCol yarn. The primary texture of the pattern comes from the X stitch (or crossed double crochet stitch). Some of the other ways I found to wear this one:

A brooch is necessary to maintain this shape, but I like it.

More exaggerated fold-over

With a hood!

Working on a way to fold it up to make a scarf / cowl. This idea needs some more work.

This is actually my favorite way of wearing it even though you can't tell from the distracted expression on my face. It's because it creates a cute collar and can be worn with a jacket because all of the bulk is in front.

I think that if I made the capelet a bit longer (which I didn’t do here because I only had two balls of that yarn and then ran out at this length) then I would be able to make more structured shapes that appeal to me. We’ll see!



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  1. Great colours and if you like knitting them, then why not?! I think they look great!

  2. Affiknitty Reply

    Those are cute pictures of you showing off the capelet versatility! I haven’t made a round capelet before but I can see making one now. (I use shawlettes the same way, and I’m addicted to knitting those.)

  3. Some good ideas there, love the first picture, you look like you’re having fun and hey…….that’s what it’s all about. Love the colors. I’ve gotten quite a few patterns, but have yet to make myself a caplet. I think they’re such a good idea with the arthritis in the neck ac can be bad on the neck and tops of arms, but they don’t fit tight so you’re not over done.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Sandy – That’s a really good point about the AC!

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