My White Version of Swirled Shells Cloche

Wednesdays is when I show off some of my crochet work here on the blog. Apparently you guys like this because one of the things I learned from my survey was that readers want to see more of my work! Today I’m showing off my version of the Swirled Shells Cloche, a hat pattern designed by Jocelyn Sass and available for $3.99 over on Etsy.


The two cloche hats I made from the pattern

Last week I was mentioning on Twitter that I’ve got too many big crochet projects going on (those dresses that were driving me crazy a few days ago, for example) and that I needed a small project to work on. Jocelyn (@CuteCrochet) offered to send me over one of her hat patterns. How sweet! I don’t believe this influenced my opinion on the pattern but figured I’d disclose here that I did get it for free (in the interest of full disclosure and all). So I received the Swirled Shells Cloche Pattern and set to work.

I worked it up twice. First I did it in a cheap dollar store pink yarn that I actually kind of like but wanted to start using up. That one is slightly too big for me. This is entirely my own fault since I’m one of those people who never checks gauge even though I can list the reasons why you should. Gauge information is, of course, listed in the pattern and I didn’t check mine. So the hat is a little bit but not terribly so.


The pink version :)

When I worked it up the second time, I did it with a sparkly white yarn (no idea where it’s from, I think it came in my batch of yard sale yarn that I got on vacation). I used a hook size smaller to compensate for the gauge issue and I like the fit of the white one better. I actually think that if I did the pattern again I would probably go back to the original hook and just add some slight decreases in the form of a slip stitch round as the last row to tighten it up around my head but that’s just a personal choice. I have a lot of trouble wearing hats anyway so I always have to fiddle with patterns slightly to adjust them to the way I like them to fit on my head.


Here's the top of the white version (apologies for the poor photos - I had to rely on my Mac Photo Booth for some of these)

Here are the things I love about this pattern:

  • It works up quickly and in a single color. Of course you could opt to change colors if you so desired but the design itself is so pretty that it works in a single color and I appreciate that because I hate changing colors even though I love how color changes look.
  • It’s a one-ball-of-a-yarn project. That’s always nice since I tend to have lots of extras floating around to use up. :)
  • I love the first stitch. I’ve always started hats and other round objects by chaining three or four or six or whatever and then doing a slip stitch. I don’t want to reveal too much of the pattern but I’ll say that this one doesn’t involve doing a slip stitch to join the round. I think it’s clever and it definitely gets the pattern off to a a great start.
  • You don’t just work in the round. You actually turn the rounds and work right side and wrong side for awhile. The effect is neat and it’s something I haven’t done with a hat before so I thought it was an interesting touch.
  • The unique shell stitch pattern is fun and pretty. It’s a repeating stitch but it’s slightly complex (not really but more so than just a straightforward dc or something like that) so it is different, which makes it fun and engaging, but repetitive enough that you can get used to it and not have to look at the pattern a million times. The end result is really pretty. I’m a fan of shells and this is a great unique take on them.

In fact, I actually took the same shell stitch pattern and adapted it with increases to create a pretty ruffled capelet. It looks a lot better with a pretty dress but I don’t have a photo of that right now so I’ll just share a quick image of it from my computer for now:


Swirled Shell Stitch adapted into ruffle

These were definitely great fun projects that worked up quickly to afford me a nice crochet break between bigger projects. Thanks Jocelyn for sending me such a great little pattern!


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  1. Love the hats, love the caplet! Truly clever to think of that, I would have never!

  2. Very pretty hats – I love the pink one. Your capelet is pretty too. :)

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