Every week brings new fun crochet things to my world. These Monday posts are my way of sharing those things with you!


Crochet from the Thrift Store

I went to the thrift store this week to pick up a few new tops for my the work on my line of repurposed crochet dresses. I chose two shirts, which I will crop in some fashion and then turn into dresses with my own crochet work. I don’t have plans for how I’m going to work either of these dresses yet but here’s a peek at the tops:

I also found a crochet granny blanket in those 70’s orange colors while I was there.

I picked it up because it was super cheap and I intended to reclaim the yarn. I have a rug from my mom that was started but not finished and I thought that the reclaimed yarn would be a great addition to finish that rug, which I intend to put in my kitchen when it’s complete – because it’s that sturdy from the old 70’s acrylic! However, I used the blanket as a prop in a couple of photos and I think I may keep it intact for a little while for that purpose. Here’s the rug that the yarn may or may not eventually be used to finish:


Started a Granny Blanket

Maybe it was because I’d just bought one and felt inspired or maybe it’s because I’ve been following all of the posts from people who are participating in the GIANT granny challenge hosted by Le Monde Sucrette but somehow I got inspired to start my own giant granny. The thing about grannies for me is that I don’t much like doing color changes and yet like the large granny blankets that are rich with lots of color. However, I realized that I can admire those and yet do my own large granny with fewer color changes and still like it. I’m going to do a large square the width of a bed and then add some length to either end to make it a rectangle. The bulk of the granny is being done in a Caron Simply Soft Paints but there are a few rounds here and there done in some luxury yarns. I’m loving working on it. Here’s a sneak peek:


Won a Beautiful Butterfly Doily

Tamara over at Crochet with Tamara recently created a Japanese flower shawl that she was having trouble naming. She hosted a naming contest and I ended up winning. Thanks to everyone who voted for the name that I chose, which was the Cheerful Hana Shawl (cheerful for the colors, hana means flower). I won a super beautiful beautiful crochet doily. It’s currently draped over the back of my chair but I’m debating between hanging it up and putting it on my fireplace mantle. Wherever it is in this room it goes great with my decor, which is butterfly rich.

Giveaway Winner

Speaking of giveaways, I hosted a stitch marker giveaway by Affordable Wonders last week and it’s time to announce the winner. For the giveaway I asked entrants to visit Affordable Wonders and tell me what they liked most on the site. I expected the Mickey and Minnie inspired diaper covers to get the most attention because they’re so cute (and they did get some) but people also liked the store’s hair ornaments, newborn props and more. I used Random Generator to get a winner. The number that came up was “eight” and counting down number eight is … Christina Doyle from Coffee Cup Thoughts!! Congrats Christina!

Seeking August Blog Sponsor

I haven’t found an August sponsor for my blog yet. The rate is $250 but I’ll offer a $50 discount this month. For the $200 you get:

  • Your 180 x 220 ad featured in the sidebar for the entire month, linked to the URL of your choosing. Discounted rate available to add an additional two months of sidebar advertising.
  • Monthly sponsor feature post telling all about what you have to offer. This detailed post includes up to three links of your choosing and can include photos that you may select.
  • Review of a product or service that you offer, separate from the feature sponsor post.
  • Three in-text mentions about your site throughout the month in other blog posts.
  • Optional giveaway. If you want to do a giveaway on the blog then that’s included for free.
Email me at kathryn.vercillo at gmail if you want to sponsor the blog in August!
I got free yarn
I have been using Listia to effectively get free yarn. It’s an online auction site where you use credits instead of cash. For example, I bid 100 credits and got this Red Heart Confetti yarn:
Considering that you get hundreds of free credits when you first sign up for the site, a 100 credit win isn’t a bad deal. There are lots of yarn auctions on the site including the occasional really nice yarn. Sign up for Listia here.
This blog finally got some page rank!
I am more concerned about the quality of the posts and the interaction that I have with people here on the site than I am the page rank of this blog. Nevertheless, there are some good reasons to want decent Google PR – namely that it not only means better exposure for the blog but also that this lends more credibility to the blogs that I love to link to. I just noticed that I finally got a PR3 after having a PR0 for all these months. Nice surprise.
About.com Interview
I submitted my blog to be interviewed on About.com. See it here. Thanks Amy!
What happened in your crochet corner this week?


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  1. Tamara Gonzales Reply

    Oh Kathryn, I do love the butterfly doily on your chair and I’m so glad that it matches so many of your things:)


  2. Debra Yorston Reply

    Congrats on winning the name contest – that butterfly doily is so pretty.

    Yay! for joining in on the giant granny challenge – the more, the merrier. :)

  3. Love Tamara’s doily…lucky you! :) One of these days I may be able to crochet a dress for myself. In the future….lol.

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