Happy Fourth of July everyone! Monday mornings, in addition to my crochet artist feature, is when I’ve started featuring a bit of an update on what’s going on with me in the world of crochet. There’s actually TONS going on right now and some of the announcements won’t be coming until later in the week but here’s some of the stuff that’s happening around here:

Presents in the Mail!

In the last two posts I shared the crochet books and yarn that I got on vacation. Although I’m no longer on vacation I must’ve trained my Dad well because he has scored me some great stuff from auctions and yard sales and sent it to me this week.

One package was mostly magazines including these great old McCall’s:

Another was lots of different yarn, thread and even macrame cord (which I’ve never used but maybe now I will!

Lots of Project Involvement

July is busy with TONS of projects here. I’m hosting the Hookin’ Up crochet blog project, which I’m really enjoying! I’m also participating in The Year of Projects hosted via Ravelry as well as the Crochet Liberation Front’s month-long freeform CAL. I’ve also launched my own book project and two art projects, all related to crochet, that I’ll be discussing in more detail a little bit later on (teaser, I know!)

Yarn Organization

I’m working on finding a way to organize all of this yarn I’ve gotten lately. I’d originally fit it all into one small closet. I moved it a week or two ago to another larger closet but it’s still in boxes and various plastic storage units. What I really want is to get a bookcase or display case like the kind they have at the LYS to showcase all of my yarn but that’s not in the budget this month so for now I’m making do with:


I did finally get around to posting most of my yarn on my Ravelry page so that I can at least see there what I have available for use. I’m happy that I accomplished that for myself.

Crochet Concupiscence has gone mobile

I mentioned recently that Crochet Liberation Front and KRW Knitwear both went mobile recently. I decided that I wanted to jump on that bandwagon. You can now get the blog via Android here.


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  1. How great to get yarny presents in the mail from your Dad. Love it. And your yarn storage looks good – nice and neat. :)

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Debi – Thanks – I still want better yarn storage though!! But it’s definitely awesome that Dad’s been sending me cool stuff.

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