I have started accepting sponsors for my blog. I am picky about the sponsors that I choose because I only want to feature people / stores on this blog that offer something to my readers. My policy is that if I’m not going to be able to give an honest positive review about the sponsor then I’ll let them know and they can choose to have the review not run. You won’t find fake praise here on this blog and you won’t find sponsors that aren’t relevant to crochet. Contact me at kathryn.vercillo at gmail if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities.

So, on to my first blog sponsor, Affordable Wonders. You may have already noticed this store since I’ve also got their ad in the sidebar there on the right. That ad will take you to the Facebook page for the site but you can also visit the main site or the Etsy site to learn more. Affordable Wonders is mostly a one-woman show although she has the support of her family.

As she notes in the about section of her site:

“I want to keep a very personal relationship with my customers and never want anyone to feel like they aren’t MY top priority. I am main street and will always be main street.”

What You’ll Find at Affordable Wonders

Affordable Wonders offers a great range of products including:

  • Handmade photography props. This is especially great if you need them, of course, but they’re also fun to look at because of course they are shown off on adorable babies. :)
  • Super cute crochet items for kids. You don’t have to be a photographer to enjoy the items that affordable wonders makes for children, like a Mickey Mouse diaper cover that is too adorable. Yes, there’s a Minnie Mouse version, too.
  • Crochet patterns. You can actually get some great patterns from Affordable Wonders for free via the site’s blog. However you can also buy some really great patterns including the aforementioned Mickey Mouse diaper cover pattern. I actually got my hands on a sleeveless cowl dress pattern for kids, which I’ll be reviewing here on the blog next week.
  • Yarn and craft supplies. Sometimes you can get some great affordable craft supplies through Affordable Wonders, like Mod Podge products and Simply Soft Super Chunky yarn.

Discount on your Purchase!

Affordable Wonders has offered a generous 15% discount on purchase to the readers of Crochet Concupiscence! Just use coupon code CCR15 when you check out.

2 Key Features

There are two key things that stand out about Affordable Wonders.

  1. Fair prices. Always important.
  2. Great customer service. Also always important.

I would also add that store policies on things like shipping and returns are clearly laid out on the site, which suggests a level of honesty in service that I believe is important.

So that’s Affordable Wonders, someone I’m proud to have sponsoring my blog!

As a side note, Affordable Wonders is one of the awesome blogs participating in Hookin’ Up. On July 22nd the Affordable Wonders blog will be doing a feature on Cultgrrrl.


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  1. Cristina Barnes Reply

    Thank you for the sweet words. I have chosen to advertise with you because of the quality of the content that you write on your blog. Your blog is so fun and you have also introduced me to many other bloggers thru Hookin’ Up that I otherwise probably wouldn’t have gotten to know. Thank for what you do for the Crochet community!

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Cristina – Thanks for your kind words in return! I think that we’ve got a great partnership going on here and am always happy to spread more love among the crochet community!

  2. She does amazing work I love the diaper covers she made my twins and looking forward to getting the Minnie and Mickey set :)

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