A few little pieces of housekeeping here on the blog today. The Hookin’ Up blog project has begun and it’s going super well. So far I’ve reviewed KRW Knitwear, she’s reviewed Marie of Underground Crafter and Marie has done a great interview of Crochet with Tamara. There will be a full round-up of the week’s posts here on Friday but in the meantime you can head to this post to follow the links to those blogs and check out what’s up!!

Second, I hosted a book giveaway last week for 2 different jewelry books. I knew that this giveaway wouldn’t receive as many entries as the last one because it wasn’t for crochet-specific books. Nevertheless, I was surprised to receive only three entries, all from the same person. Congrats to Aprile M. of The Steady Hand! You get the books for staying on top of the giveaway – I hope you enjoy them!!

And finally, moving forward Sundays will have posts on this blog although there haven’t been Sunday posts in the past. That’s because I’m participating in

This project involves choosing a set number of crochet projects to complete in the next year and then posting about the progress on Sundays here on the blog. I don’t have any progress to report yet (it’s only been a few days!) but you can see my list of 25 planned projects here.


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