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The Urban Dictionary is a silly thing where random people add their slang definitions of what various words mean. Every once in awhile an online search for something else takes me to The Urban Dictionary and although I never go there on purpose, I usually end up getting a laugh out of it.

Recently a search for “scrumbling” took me to The Urban Dictionary. The scrumbling that I was looking up is a type of freeform crochet. The Urban Dictionary didn’t know that definition but gave me several others including:

A cross between scramble and fumble. Usually pertains to drunk/stoned party kids running away from the police while ditching their beers.”


This got me wondering what other crochet terms were defined as in the Urban Dictionary. Here’s what I found:

Acrylic: “New gangsta slang meening dope or ill/ illest.” What?!

Crochet: “Directionless meandering; to walk or otherwise transport about without destination.”

Freeform: “A new, evolved form of electronic music that branched out of hardcore in 1999, but wasn’t a full on genre until about 2002.”

Frog: “To punch someone in the upper arm or chest with the middle knuckle partically extended to inflict a sharp concerntrated blow. origin of the name is based on the quick flick of a frog’s tongue”. Note: there were lots of definitions for frog and the standard crocheter’s definition has actually been added to the dictionary.

Hooking: “When laying horizontally, hooking one’s leg in a raunchy way around another’s body”.

Loop: “Driving around an area to partake in the smoking of marijuana, drinking alcohol, or just for the hell of it”. And I thought it was just that thing that I yarned through.

LYS: This terms is in there as what we know it as (local yarn store) but it also means “lower your standards”, “love you like a sister” and refers to “an evil Chinese cyborg that oddly resembles a fish or a donkey (see donkfish)”

WIP: This common term for Work-in-Progress also refers to “women in prison”, “a hot car”, to empty your bowels and to “wank in public”. Eek.

Yarn: Apparently this word can be used instead of “awesome” and also in place of “yeah”.

I looked up skein and hank but skein only had one entry that was totally ridiculous and hank had too many entries to even pick one.

Incidentally I mistakenly assumed that yarnbombing would have several entries in The Urban Dictionary but it had only two, one quite detailed and the other saying just: “To cover an object in the public space with a knitted artifact.”



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