Today is the kick off day for Berlin Fashion Week. One of the labels that I’m eyeing as this week kicks off is Issever Bahri. explains that this is a duo (Derya Issever and Cimen Bachri) and more importantly that the thing this young duo has become best known for is their unique method of using thin strips of crocheted leather to create form-fitting but flattering garments. They are a small label doing the work themselves and even have Mom helping out with some of the crochet work. It is important to them to feature at at least a little bit of handwork in all of their collections. The results are lovely:

I am definitely looking forward to seeing what they put on the runway next!


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  1. I wish models didn’t always look like someone killed their puppies, though. :-(

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Calophi – Every once in awhile you get a really fun designer who wants his models to be happy and carefree and bouncy. I’m thinking specifically of a few of McQueen’s shows.

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