My Crochet! Magazine came in the mail last week and instead of being labeled with a month (like May 2011) it was labeled with a season (Autumn 2011). I might not even have noticed but there was a flier atop the magazine letting me know that the magazines is no longer going to be issue six times per year but instead will be issued quarterly.

I appreciated that they let readers know instead of just trying to slip it by. That’s honest and honest is appreciated.

The flier says that there will be more patterns per issue and more pages per issue than the past. This makes sense since the issues will be coming less frequently. It doesn’t say whether there will be more total for the year than there was before or if the average should be the same. A look at the past two issues reveals that they had 66 pages each while the new quarterly issue has 98 pages. If the 98 pages sticks for future quarterly issues then there will be approximately four pages less per year than before but that’s no big difference so I can’t imagine why any reader would mind.

The flier also said that my subscription to the magazine will continue to allow me access to free bonus patterns online. What? I had no idea that my subscription came with that. Although in all honesty I rarely hunt down new patterns, preferring to design myself, but it’s good to know. I ordered a whole bunch of different crochet magazines all at once so somehow I must have just missed that information in the ordering process.

If you visit the website you can check out a video of Carol Alexander taking you through a tour of this new Autumn issue.


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  1. I was kind of confused. I hadn’t received this issue yet, online it said I still had 2 issues in my subscription. BUT others already had theirs so I went ahead and paid for another subscription…I don’t want to miss any. Also…there’s a page inside the mag that tells you how to get your free bonus patterns. I read it from front to back usually. :o) I’m not real happy about it going to quarterly. It seems like forever that it takes to get them all now. I subscribe to this one, Interweave Crochet and Crochet World and just found another one that I think is monthly….Quick and Easy Crochet. I’m excited about that. I tried to order a sub of Inside Crochet but they don’t sell digital subs and not sure I want a print copy from the UK (not sure it would make it here without being all tattered). Are there any that I may be missing that I can get a subscription to?

    • Kathryn Reply

      Hi Kat … I think maybe they had some issues going quarterly because I actually got two copies of my issue! I subscribe to the same ones as you, including the Quick and Easy Crochet, but to be honest I haven’t been thrilled with any of them except Interweave Crochet. I think they each have something to offer but I’m apparently more of a digital person than a print magazine person than I thought! The only one you didn’t mention here that I also get is Crochet Today!

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