Fridays is typically the day when I share links to awesome crochet blogs, crocheters on Twitter, etc. In July I’ll still be sharing great links here but it’ll be a slightly different format from my typical “top 10” or “25 blogs to follow”. Instead I’ll be using this space to check in on the Hookin’ Up blog project, this month’s project that I launched to help crochet bloggers get to know each other (and each other’s blogs) a little bit better. On Fridays I’ll review what’s happened on all of the blogs that participated in the previous week. Starting now!

So the whole thing kicked off on July 1st here on this blog when I reviewed KRW Knitwear. KRW Knitwear is the blog of crochet designer Karen Ratto-Whooley. She recently published a book on crocheting socks, teaches crochet classes (including classes at the end of the month at the Knit and Crochet show in Minneapolis) and is on the board of directors of the CGOA. I love this blog for lots of reasons but some of the key ones I mentioned in my review are that it shares Karen’s great work and personal stories about crochet design, offers reminders about crochet events and using crochet to support great causes and often includes giveaways.

The Hookin’ Up project works in Pay It Forward style so the day following my review of KRW Knitwear, it was her turn to put up a review on her blog of the next blog on the list: Underground Crafter. This is the blog of professional crafter Marie Segares, a professional member of both the CGOA and KGOA, a certified crochet instructor and someone who has been widely published in craft books and magazines. Karen mentioned that some of the best things about the Underground Crafter blog are Marie’s willingness to share her goals with everyone, the way that the blog reads like a great novel and the fact that she does some great interviews with crochet leaders like Margaret Hubert and Ellen Gormley.

So who did Marie get to review? She worked with Tamara Gonzales from Crochet with Tamara and actually did a super awesome interview (which makes perfect sense since KRW Knitwear pointed out that she’s so great at interviews on the blog!). Through the interview I learned that Tamara learned crochet from her grandma, learned blogging to help out her chapter of CGOA, has worked as a crochet blogger for Leisure Arts, and has a terrific collection of vintage crochet books that I am quite jealous of (although my own collection is steadily growing since I’ve got my dad on the hunt at yard sales and auctions!) Marie did a great job of asking terrific questions and then adding in her own helpful comments that supplement the interview. It’s a terrific post.

For her post Tamara also did an interview of Art, Like Bread. The blogger, Caissa, is based in Mexico and my favorite part of the interview was learning about the different types of yarn that she is able to get there and loves using. We also learned how she learned to crochet (made me smile), what she likes to crochet, who her favorite crochet designers are and why her blog is name what it is (great name, especially once you know why!)

So now we’re up to Day Five of the project when Art, Like Bread did a great review of Saski’s Crochet Adventures. This is a relatively new blog and I was curious to see how the people in the project were going to do in reviewing the blogs that haven’t been established for as long. I thought Art, Like Bread chose to do an awesome thing – crocheting her first ever amigurumi using a geisha pattern on Saski’s site. Love it! Plus as Caissa points out, who doesn’t love an entomologist who crochets? :)

Then came an interview on Saski’s Crochet Adventures of one of my personal favorite bloggers: Liz from Donna’s Decembers. In this interview we learn about why she blogs, why she has an Etsy shop, what she crochets (including some great photos!) and what some of her favorites in crochet are (favorite stitch, favorite designers, etc.) Liz also offers some great advice for beginner crocheters but you’ll have to pop on over to the interview to see what she says!

Liz in turn did her review yesterday of the awesome Kristine from Ambassador Crochet. Kristine is a crochet pattern designer as well as a mother of five girls and we learn about both of these things from the review. Liz went above and beyond by telling us not just about the great crochet blog but also about Kristine’s shop. She points out a few features and a specific post on the blog that are worth looking at, giving all of us plenty of excuses for lingering on the blog to learn more about Kristine’s work and adorable family!

Today is Kristine’s turn and she’s got a review of Jacqueline over at Chez Mukweto. We learn that they actually have a surprising amount in common. Head there now to see what those commonalities are and then come back here on Friday for the next roundup in the series. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am!!


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  1. Love how this project is going. Some great reviews so far! Thanks for hosting this, Kathryn!

  2. Marie/Underground Crafter Reply

    Ditto to Keri’s response. Thanks so much Kathryn! (And you make me sound super impressive!)

  3. thanks for the round up – I’m a few days behind in reading, so I look forward to catching up!

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