The Hookin’ Up crochet blog project continues to amaze me with new terrific posts each and every day. If you are just joining us now then you can check out last week’s roundup to see what’s happened so far. Otherwise, we left off last week with a mention that Ambassador Crochet had reviewed Chez Mukweto on Friday.

So then on Saturday we went over to the Chez Mukweto blog to see her review of the Awesome Anastacia Knits. @Mukweto points out that this awesome chick does a great combo of knitting and crochet work and is terrific at both. She selected a few pieces to highlight including a beautiful brightly colored lapghan made for someone in a nursing home. Just another reminder that crochet-ers are so generous and giving!

On Sunday we moved over to Anastacia Knits for her review of Mom with a Hook. We learned that this blog is great for its giveaways, fascinating tutorials on things like Entrelac Crochet and patterns. I want to add that I really like the visual appeal of the Mom with a Hook blog. She’s on Blogger right now and has made little choices here and there that distinguish her blog from others and make it fun to look at. One simple example is that her GFC followers are at the footer of the design instead of in a block in the sidebar. She also uses tabs across the top (such as “patterns” and “lessons”) that make it really easy to find stuff on this blog. Love it!

So then for Day 11 Mom with a Hook reviewed My Hook and Yarn Adventure. We learned that blog author MissHSoo is a “teacher by trade but a crochet artist at heart”. The review highlights the great progress that this crochet-er has made in just a year of crochet work, progress that is shared on the blog in many ways including MissHSoo’s participation in several memes. I know MissHSoo’s blog because we both participated in the 2 Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week earlier this year.

Tuesday takes us over to My Hook and Yarn Adventure for her review of Sam over at The Yarn Stop. From this review we learn a little bit about Sam’s history as a crochet-er (and more recently a knitter), what some of her projects have been (with an emphasis on amigurumi) and what she’s planning to make in the months to come. Sam’s only been blogging about this for a few months but she updates her posts regularly and there’s a heavy emphasis on crochet despite the fact that she occasionally posts about knitting and other life / crafty stuff. I always enjoy the large photos that accompany her posts.

Sam from The Yarn Stop then turned her eyes over to Yarns and Musings. She kicks off with a great short interview that where we learn how blog author Deneen learned to crochet and to blog, that she does a range of other crafts including beading and soap making and that she wants to master her spinning wheel and learn tapestry crochet. The review makes a terrific note that Deneen goes into terrific detail in everything she writes, making for great blog posts. I agree!

Deneen then did a terrific review of the Crazy Crochet Blog. I love that she shared that she was hesitant when she first saw the blog because it is rich with granny square creations, which Deneen doesn’t love, but that she plodded on anyway and found a blog that she really enjoys (and learned that blog author Clara didn’t even like granny squares for a really long time!) This kind of connection is what Hookin’ Up is all about. We also learn from the post that Clara is unique in her family as a woman who crafts because Mom and Grandma were both non-crafting professionals, that she does charity work for Cat Rescue and that her true crochet love is thread crochet and filet crochet. Lovely!


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  1. Thanks so much for the setting this up for us and thanks for the compliments on my post, I had a hard time writing it up :P

    • Well you did a great job. I couldn’t have pulled any of it off without you terrific ladies!

  2. Keri/KinnicChick Reply

    Great wrap up! What a wonderful bunch of blogs! This was such a terrific idea, Kathryn. Thank you for coming up with it.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Keri – Thanks for following it and offering your positive feedback!

  3. Hey Kathryn! Thanks for your sweet comments! This has been such a blast. Just a note, I didn’t review Yarns and Musings, Sam (the Yarn Stop) did!

    • Thanks for catching that. I add to the roundup part of the post each morning and I must not’ve had enough coffee yet before that one! Will fix it now!

  4. Art,LikeBread (Cami) Reply

    Fantastic project! It’s great to learn all about these wonderful blogs!

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