Photo from Splash via Daily Mail

Last week Beyonce rocked out at Central Park sporting two different crochet dresses, identical except for the fact that one was a bright, bold yellow and the other was a terrific classic black. (source: Daily Mail)

Which color do you like better? Although I think I would normally pick black there’s something I really love about that bold yellow dress. Of course, a regular person probably wouldn’t wear this super-mind-dress as a dress but it’s still great for the stage.



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  1. I love both dresses but you are right, it isn’t something I would wear myself. It would look nice over a slip though.

  2. I like the black one better in this case. It’s much more slimming and also better suited to Beyonce than the yellow.

  3. I saw some closer up photos of the outfits… I don’t think they’re really crochet.

    Obviously though, they’re amazing stage dresses for an energetic entertainer.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Mimi – Thanks for the comment. It’s so hard to tell in online photos if an item is truly crochet or if it’s knit or if it’s some other machine-made thing designed to resemble a crochet/ knit garment!

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