In case you missed the announcement last week I’ve started doing yarn reviews here on Crochet Concupiscence on Wednesdays. This week’s review is of Lang Lanalux Yarn.

The Basics

This is an Aran weight 10-ply yarn. It is made from 40% merino extrafine, 32% polyester and 28% polyamid/ nylon. It comes 93 yards to a ball. It comes in metallic shiny colors – the one that I’m using is blue.

The Colorway

The color is a dark, shiny blue blended with black strands. The black softens the shiny effect of the blue but what you get is still a metallic blue. I don’t think I would work with metallic colors often. However, what I love about this yarn is that you get that great metallic look without any actual metallic threads in it. Many of the shiny, metallic yarns that I’ve picked up at stores feel a bit scratchy to the touch because of whatever is used to add the metallic thread to the look of the yarn. This isn’t that way.

The Feel of the Yarn

Nice and soft. It is one of those balls of yarn that you want to keep on touching. It feels good to work with it. And I like the way that the finished product feels as well. Like I said I think it’s great that this softness is offered for a metallic color.

How I Am Using It

It was definitely hard for me to find a project that would work for me with this yarn. It’s too shiny, metallic to be something that I would want to make a huge wearable item out of. I knew for that reason that it was going to need to be an accessory. I think it would make a nice purse but I decided to go with a scarf instead since the softness does feel good against the skin and the yarn weight would make something that could keep you warm for sure.

I started a scarf using some type of basic stitch (I forget exactly what but I often use a combination of treble and hdc alternating rows between the two so it was probably that or something similar.) I didn’t like the result. It was still too shiny and bright for me. Although the black of the colorway does offset the intensity of the blue, it is still designed to have a metallic look, and it just wasn’t working for me.

I ultimately decided to make one of my signature bobble scarves. These are skinny scarves that can be worn as decorative neckpieces or else they can be wound around the neck to offer thick warmth. This design worked for me with this yarn because the bobble stitch hid some of the intensity of the metallic, which is what I was seeking. Additionally, since it’s a skinny piece, the metallic that does show isn’t too intense. It works for me as an accessory that stands out against a simpler outfit. Of course, some people love shiny metallic stuff and might want to work with this in a more common stitch that really shows off the metallics.

Conclusion: I would use Lanalux by Lang again … selectively. I’d probably test out one of the other colors even though the blue is pretty because some of them are subtler.


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  1. Martha Winger

    Great scarf! This would be a great holiday accessory to dress up a LBD! I don’t use metallics much either but this is worth a try!