Eco-Friendly Crochet Bag Pattern


Do you want to be more responsible with your crochet, making sure that the stuff that you make and the way that you make it is eco-friendly? Here are ten great ideas for making more eco-friendly crochet items:

  1. Crochet for an eco-friendly cause. Put your hooks to work doing a crochet donation project for an eco-friendly cause. For example, many people donated plarn breasts to Something in the Water, a project designed to raise awareness about the devastating effects of polluted water on breast milk. Crocheting for hyperbolic crochet reef projects is another example.
  2. Check out all of the vegan yarn options. The majority of these are eco-friendly. They include corn silk yarn, recycled sari yarn and reclaimed yarn.
  3. Explore additional eco-friendly yarn options. For example, there is Alpaca/Llama Eco-Soft Yarn and organic merino yarn. If the yarn is processed using the Organic Trade Association’s Fiber Processing standards then it is made in an eco-friendly environment.
  4. Invest in eco-friendly crochet hooks. One example I am aware of is Surina Wood Crochet Hooks.
  5. Make sure that your next crochet organizer bag is green. For example, check out this hemp crochet case.
  6. Crochet yourself a grocery tote. This prevents you from wasting the earth’s resources on either paper or plastic bags. If you do get plastic bags, use them to crochet plarn items so they don’t go to waste in the landfills!
  7. Consider what other items you can make that are earth-friendly. Choose items that traditionally aren’t green and make them with eco-friendly yarn so that they are green. Examples include crochet teething rings for babies and crochet dog toys, often traditionally made from plastic but they don’t need to be.
  8. Always wash your crochet by hand and dry it on the line. Your items will last longer this way anyway (and many yarn types require it). Plus you’re being good to the earth by limiting your use of washers and dryers.
  9. Recycle your crochet items. Whenever you get done using a crochet item and are going to get rid of it, make that extra effort to give it a second life through recycling. The easiest way is to frog it and use the yarn in something else.
  10. Stay on top of the latest news and developments in eco-friendly crochet. For example, did you know that scientists are putting silkworms on special diets to create eco-friendly DayGlo fiber?

Do you care if your crochet is earth-friendly?


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    Lovely ideas for going eco-friendly being a crocheter. Here we have listed different things you can use instead of yarn to be an eco-friendly crocheter.

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