People in New York City may have noticed that piano music is in the air. That’s because there’s a June interactive art installation that involves the placement of more than eighty pianos all around the city. The project brings music, connection and art to the city … and it also brings yet more attention to celebrated crochet artist Olek.

The project is called Sing for Hope’s Pop-Up Pianos. Real pianos (including more than two dozen new grand pianos) are set up around the city for a music fest that encourages New Yorkers to literally stop and listen to the music. They are asked to slow their frenetic pace and build a social bond with the people around them through music.

Five dozen of the pianos have been decorated by professional artists and designers (including some impressive people from the fashion world like Diane von Furstenburg and Isaac Mizrahi). One of those artists is Olek. In true Olek style she covered an entire piano with an intricate crochet cozy.

And this New York Post article says that tomorrow Olek will be adding to the piece. There will be a live person playing her piano and she will come and cover her in crochet. Sounds fascinating! Whether or not you like Olek’s crochet work, you can’t deny that she is totally original!

By the way, she’s been super busy lately with lots of different projects. I posted earlier in the week about YARNANA – a collaboration she’s doing with filmmakers. And she also did a live interactive performance piece this week in NEw York based on Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit, in which she had people shaking hands with performance artists who were decked out in her signature crochet bodysuits.


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