I first discovered Pinterest quite awhile back when it was brand new. I regularly read a really beautiful blog called SF Girl By Bay and that blog hosted a blog project in which 300 of us all created Pinterest boards themed “what home means to me” and then blogged about them. After that I dabbled a little with the site now and then (I pinned ideas for new furniture when I moved, for example) but have only recently really started trying to use it to organize my ideas for crochet.

I’m still really undecided about how I want to use the site for crochet ideas so my Pinterest boards are kind of a mess. You can see them here if you dare. I did get some inspiration for better organization from a great article on this exact over on Crochet Your Way that I recommend checking out if you’re at all interested in using Pinterest for your own crochet ideas.

Anyway, although my own crochet organization on Pinterest is pretty messy, I was thrilled to discover that there is a really beautiful collection of crochet photos that come directly from my posts here on the site. People are using Pinterest to grab the crochet images they love and post them onto their own boards and it results in a page collecting the images that come off the site. It’s so gorgeous! Check it out here.

This collection has inspired me to add a board of my own that’s just my favorite photos from the blog. And who knows what else it will inspire in me as time goes on?!

Do you use Pinterest?


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  1. I do, I love that site! I’m http://pinterest.com/anastaciaknits/pins/ – hopefully that link will work. I just posted a few of my fav images on a blog post this morning, as a matter of fact! I have some crochet stuff, tons of quilting photos, pretty photos, food, it’s a mishmash!

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Anastacia – Thanks for dropping by and letting me know. I’ll head to check out your Pinterest boards now!

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