You may recognize the photo above because I featured it here on the blog as one of my daily Etsy Crochet picks. Shop owner TrendyKnitting generously came back to the blog and offered a 10% discount to my readers. And now I’ve had the great opportunity to interview TrendyKnitting about crochet, Etsy and more. I’m eager to share that interview with you …

CrochetBlogger: If you remember, what was the first thing that you ever crocheted? Who taught you?

I have been knitting and crocheting since I was a little girl. I don’t remember exactly when I started. However, when my first daughter was born, I started to spend time to design and knit much more creative things for her largely because at that time it was not so easy to find different clothes for babies in Turkey. We just didn’t have lots of alternatives. My first crocheted thing was likely a hat for my first daughter … By the way, my first daughter is 30 years old now :)

CrochetBlogger: I know that you do both knit and crochet work. What do you find you enjoy more about crochet than knitting (if anything) or what do you find the difference to be between the two?

Actually I love both crochet and knitting. However, crochet needs more talent and I like spending time with crocheting. As I said, though, I love both of them. Either crocheting or knitting makes me feel good!

CrochetBlogger: What is your favorite yarn to work with?

My favorite materials are bamboo, cotton, cashmere and mohair. I use bamboo and cotton for accessories suitable for spring and summer and mohair, cashmere and wool for autumn and winter accessories.

CrochetBlogger: You mention on Etsy that you create items designed to give self-confidence to those that wear them. What a great goal! Can you tell us more about why you think this is important?

Because… All my items are coming out from my mind and unique for my shop. After i started to sell on Etsy, too many people just copied my items :(
The inspiration doesn’t come at the time when I start to think about designing a new item. It comes when I’m dealing with another thing, when I am shopping around or observing people on the street, their clothes, their styles etc. Actually, because of this, I love my own inspration process, having the idea at a time when you don’t expect makes you much more happy. After having the inspiration, I start to think about the details of the item, which material and color to use, what to make to differentiate it from substitutes, which details to add to make that acessory unique etc. After having all these in my head, I start to knit or crochet my new accessory. If my first draft wins approval from my daughters :).
What this means in the end is that all of my items have a lot of effort and time and heart put into them. I am not doing something just to do it and sell it. Each item really comes from my heart.

CrochetBlogger: That’s really too bad to hear about people copying your Etsy designs. What made you start an Etsy store? How has your Etsy experience been so far other than the copying problem?

My daughter mentioned about Etsy – its potential, system etc. I like the idea of being able to sell my own handmade pieces worldwide. My daughter and I became a team, and opened our shop on Etsy together. I’m responsible for all of the design and production process of our Etsy shop, trendyknitting, and she is responsible of all the communication and listing process on Etsy, since I’m not so good in English.

It’s been about two years and I feel myself very good, happy and successful. Thanks to our work on Etsy, I now have a success story for myself; I design and knit handmade accessories and people from all around the world buy and love my items :).

CrochetBlogger: You have a large number of items in your store compared to many other folks on Etsy. Do you crochet/knit fulltime? Are there any other places where you sell your work?

Yes, before I was a fulltime mother and then after age 50 I became a full time crocheter! ( LOL )! Actually Etsy is fine andIi am not trying to open any other shop. Etsy takes almost all of my time!

CrochetBlogger: Many of my readers loved the shrug that I featured on the site. Are there any other crochet items in your store that you’d like to highlight for them?

A7: Well my best seller crochet shawls are Flower Shawl, Crocodile Shawl and Warm Shawl. Flower and Crocodile are my favourites. It takes time to crochet those shawls. Also there are some other shrugs, like salsa shrug that I really enjoy. Take a look:

Flower Shawl

Crocodile Shawl

Warm Shawl

Salsa Shrug

CrochetBlogger: What is one thing about crochet that you want other people to know?

Hmmm…. chrochet is a kind of meditation. Makes you feel good :)

Amen! Head on over to trendyknitting on Etsy to check out all of the amazing products in the store. Very impressive work for sure!


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  1. A really great interview and again, I mirror the others when I say she makes beautiful items.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Cris – Thanks for reading – I’m so happy when other people enjoy these interviews as much as I enjoy doing them!

  2. Her work is so amazing! I don’t know how anyone could copy her work but I know why they would (although I do not condone it). She is very talented!

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Aprile – Great point, it’s rather impressive that someone was able to copy that!

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